The Lifesaver!

S HOOK 9-16-15

Why is there a picture of an S?

No, it’s not an S but it certainly is a life saver!

How so, you ask.

Most of my estate sales have some kind of a hanging light generally in the dining room and often in the kitchen and yesterday was no exception.  This estate sale has three hanging light fixtures!  Thus the life saver comes to the rescue!

I carry a host of various sizes.  Some large, some tiny.  The large ones of course are for the heavy light fixtures.

Why do I call it a life saver?  This small angular fits-in-the-hand piece of metal, a life saver?  Yes, indeed!

Simple, yes.   Life saver, yes.

Over the past 26-years I’ve, of course, perfected my process, which now hosts the S-hook.

In the beginning my crew and I’d scurry around an estate to locate wire among a heap of tools. Or to find wire strewn on the floor from family rummaging through the late families items, to wrap the light up so no heads were in the line of fire!

Finally, I hit my head and the proverbial imaginary light bulb came to the fore.  No, not the forehead, which was throbbing, but finally I knew I had to find the appropriate device to hold the fixture above and beyond ones precious forehead.

Saves foreheads, yes.

But a life saver?

Yes.  Enter the wonderful S-hook!

I’ve not only used the S-hook for light fixtures, but often to hold purses or jewelry or scarves etc.

These little curved devices are a must while setting up and handling an estate sale.

Many men have thanked me for this very simple but mighty life saver invention!

I applaud you oh-mighty life saver!  May you ever reign above our heads!

Victoria Signature 9-17-15


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