Cardboard barrels….

This estate was interesting because here I felt a calmness of energy.

MR and MRS at Green Slope pic 2007 OVAL FRAMEAnd I learned from the lawyer handling this estate that the Mr. & Mrs. were without children and loved to travel. The fact that they traveled often was instantly confirmed when I found a host of luggage from various time periods.luggage at Green Slope ES 2007

Also, in the basement I found these cardboard barrels, which held various blankets and clothing, which brought back a childhood memory. Green Slope cardboard barrels 2007 OVAL PIC

The neighbor lady down our lane every single spring held her four children captive for a few hours instructing them to change out their winter clothing for the previously stored spring/summer items and house them in like barrels, which I found odd. Why, because my mother always hung up our clothing into the tiny closets and or our chest of drawers in our 2-bedroom bungalow home in St. Louis County.

During these 26+years of estate sales, I figured out the reason for the barrel storage in many homes. Homes in the early nineteen hundreds barely had one closet as opposed to the mass amount of closets we now have in our homes. Also, from the research for my fashion shows over the years, taught me that ladies rarely had an endless supply of clothing like today, thus little need for large closets.  And the fact that no one even knew what a charge card was back then to purchase numerous clothing like today.

Barrels indeed, made a great deal of sense!


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