My Babies – what a blessing!

This widow of 27-years has been blessed with four wonderful adults.  Sure there’s been times where I wanted to pull my hair out raising four kids by myself, two sons and two daughters, but the blessing’s far outweigh those hair-pulling-days-in-the-road, to be sure!

Yesterday, Saturday 9-26-2015, was one of those fabulous gift-days!

While I was fast at work handling an estate sale, my sweet daughter Ashley, fiance Doug and his father Duane all drove to a rental house she and I own.  The renters moved out last Wednesday, without notifying me, which was a blessing from above!  It meant I didn’t have to obtain a lawyer, the expense and angst to get them out.  They hadn’t paid their rent for September and left a mess!  Ashley met me there on Thursday to replace broken fixtures etc. in this gorgeous Victorian style home we built in 2007.  1-house 1-kit-dining room 1-lr with measurementsScribbles abounded on the white outline of the bay windows and sills and on many walls.  Plus a host of dings in the walls where the untaught 2 & 4 year old threw things puncturing holes in various places throughout the house!

I worked hard to build this home and it took me to my knees last Thursday.  How was I to repair all of this mess and restore it to it’s original splendor!  My Ashley, grabbed my shoulders, looked me straight in the eyes and said, Mom, don’t worry we’ll repaint and fix everything!  We just need to clean it and make it shine!  That was what I needed, a partner who gets it!

Now, I’d have my condo rental and this house payment, argh!  But I know the grand Universe always provides and is always on time.  With that thought we methodically moved forward buzzing through the cleanup.  She in her youth whisked all the left behind trash and kids clothing strewn throughout the home into black trash bags, out of the house and into the waiting garage.  Some for Goodwill and the rest for a one-time trash hauling pickup.

So yesterday, she masterminded a massive primer paint job on the first floor!  All the holes were filled throughout the home by Doug and Duane while she cleaned all birch cabinet doors and bathrooms throughout.  They all primed the entire first floor walls too!   What a grand blessing via my Ashley!!!!  And they worked from 1 till 6 p.m.

She did this knowing after work I had my 45th class reunion dinner and told me to just relax and enjoy!

What a blessing – my baby!

Thank you!

Love you so, momma.


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