Lemons to Lemonade – Run your own stand!

Sometimes writing these blogs makes me feel like I’m telling on myself and perhaps I am.

At any rate……Today, just a bit ago my eldest daughter Rachel called to chat on her drive home.  I vented of what is and I love how encouraging she is.  She kindly and patiently allowed me time to share and said mom you’re so strong, you’ll pull through this too.  You know you always do!  You were left with four kids to raise and you did a great job!  You lost your husband who died without life insurance and still you made lemonade from the lemons you were handed.  You’ve helped many when they were down by sharing your stories of strength.  All because you’ve always made lemonade from the lemons you’ve been dealt.  Just remember to run your own stand and make lemonade like you always have.

Hmm, out of the mouths of babes.  Run your own stand.  What an interesting lilt of strength my baby spewed on this very exhausting day!

Yes, indeed!  That was certainly what I needed to hear!

I do run my own stand!  Why would I allow a bend in today’s journey to fluster me so?

I’ve run my own stand since I was eighteen and by golly I’ll continue to run my own stand until I can’t!

Thank you my sweet Rachel for gifting me this huge nugget to added strength.

Lemons into Lemonade certainly equals strength!

Let’s all run our own stands!


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