My wonderful father Victor….

I woke at 4:44 today, 10-1-15 noting thoughts from yesterday.  4’s represent Angels to me and many enlightened, ones.

Victoria and Victor 11-27-2009

Click on this link: to view a blog I wrote about dad’s entire life in and around central Missouri and all his Navy years too. I also wrote a 385 page book entitled The Ankle Express. It’s truly dad!

Within that realm is my very special father whom I’m proudly named after.

Yesterday, I faced new challenges.  Would I make it through the day without breaking my stride?  I would and did.

Midday, during a stress point, I prayed and noted almost a stroking on my right cheek and onto the jaw bone.  The kind of stroke my father used to give when he knew I was in a bind financially.  I never asked for money; however he always knew how to mend this type of angst.  Today was no different except for the physical money.  But his presence pushed me further.

I must add, my daughter Ashley worked alongside me today, hugged me, looked me straight in the eyes like dad would have done and said, mom in a hundred years no one will even remember this (unless you journal it).  This too shall pass.  Mom, you tell us that all the time when we have our bumps in the road too, remember?

Yes, of course I remember and I thank you for that memory jog my sweet!

At least four times I felt as if my father was with me, stroking my right cheek down to and along the jawbone.

Yes, he was there, to be sure!

When he left his earthly life, August 20, 2012, I mourned this very very special man and still do.  Not special just to me, but to all his babies and to all his customers.  He was a barber by trade and had a huge following.

Everyone loved Victor or Mr. Gray to many.  You see he was one of the kindest and gentlest of gentlemen.   He gave with compassion.  He taught by example.  He told stories and laughed till the walls chuckled too!

He’d tell me, honey my customers stand in line for me to cut their hair!  They told their wives how much fun we have and now the wives come just for fun too.  I have the best time at work and before I know it the day is done.  Sweet! He’d always finish with sweet, when it was in fact sweet.

On August 26th, 2012, I began to meditate and chat with dad asking questions and typing the answers with eyes closed when he telepathically answered.

It was and is so magical, the information I receive during these sessions.

I have to say it’s been a several months since we spoke.  Life just gets in the way!

But yesterday I knew my father was with me.  I heard, my little Bixby (his nickname for me), you can do this!  You know you can!  Take one step at a time. 

Finish what is and move on, I thought.

Yes, circumstances surely cause great angst at times, but we pull through it.

Find your `father’ figure.  Male or female, on this earth or beyond, they are there to help us.

Love, laugh, cry if you must.  You and I will pull through anything with the aide of our loved ones.

Love you my sweet dear father…..



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