Spit out the Seeds!

Today, while packing, I flipped on the TV to watch an old black and white movie.  Wow and old Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard movie entitled Made for each other.  Jimmy Stewart-Carole Lombard 1939 10-26-15 picture

What a movie!  Real actors, no green screens.  It touched my heart and I want to share a thought within the movie.

This 1939 movie depicts Carole Lombard as Jimmy Stewart’s wife and he a lawyer who needs to make more money.  Stewart’s wife just learned about her husband’s boss notifying the employees that they’d have to take a twenty-five percent pay cut. Their nanny (actress Louise Beavers) a sweet kind lady noted how upset Carole was, thus telling her she’s worried about the seeds and not the whole watermelon.

Seeds?  What does that mean? Carole asked.

She said honey most people get caught up in the seeds and forget about the actual watermelon.  Spit out them seeds!

The watermelon pictures the whole of life and the seeds, whats in between.

It’s the `in between’ that obstructs our view of the whole watermelon.

Let’s pay attention to the whole `watermelon’ picture, spit out the seeds and live our lives to the fullest!

Quit nitpicking and spit out those seeds of doubt and despair.  Take a different avenue, turn the corner differently than everyone else, make new goals.  Don’t let the seeds hinder your success!

When we have family and friends, we have it all!  Let’s pull together!  Help each other.  Spit out the seeds and live `the whole life’ we’re intended to live!

You can do and so can I!

Spit out the seeds!

Victoria Signature 9-17-15


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