The Dance of the Hi-way

As I drove down the hi-way yesterday, I recalled the many day trips our father drove us on and how much I loved them!  Victoria and Victor 11-27-2009To this day, I love to drive on clear sunny days down to the old Missouri homesteads my father shared with us and all the delightful funny and sad stories he shared of our ancestors along the way.  I wrote my father’s life story, check it out here:

I recall driving down hi-way 66 when I was ten or eleven, just minding my business and then this thought came to me.  Dad, I exclaimed!  Just think of all the people driving back and forth in their cars too.  You’re telling us stories and Dwayne (my brother) too.  But what about the cars where people are yelling at each other and some are sad because they’re driving to a funeral.  Dad, there’s so many stories out there!

He could hardly believe his little Bixby (his nickname for me) came up with this thought at this early age, but he delighted in the thought.

Now, as I drive down a lane or the hi-way I call it the dance of the hi-way.  People driving to and fro.  Some scurrying at a frantic pace changing lanes way too often.  Trying, it seems, to get to their destination more quickly than usual.  Or the car that’s driven by a person young or old that seems not to have a care in the world, driving at a snails pace.  What’s on their mind today?  Are they happy?  Are they sad?

I’ll never know, but I do know how I feel.  Generally, I’m on the top of the world!

Oh, sure I have my down times too.  Of late, I’ve had more than I care to innumerate!  Persons I didn’t think to ask for help, have helped.  I rarely ask for help because something/someone always comes to the fore to aide my angst.  It’s just amazing when I, of course, note the issue and maybe I fret a bit, but deep inside I know all will turn out well.  All I’ve worried about in the past, is just that, in the past and I’ve moved on!

On average though, I drive peacefully thanking the great powers that BE for gifting me my precious father Victor, my siblings and most importantly, my four babies!

Yes, like most I’ve worked, thought about what to do and worked more to raise my babies the best I could and always with a smile of contentment at the end of the day.  Well, almost every day.  Bumps in ones journey magically appear and with the right thought processing, they disappear as quickly as they came.

I keep in mind this thought….This too shall pass….and quess what, they always do!  One way or the other.

We rarely know the `how’ something will help us, but the mighty Universal energies do!  Don’t push against the hard times, just let it be and see what unfolds!

So when you’re dancing the dance on the hi-way, bring peace and calm with you and see just how awesome your ride will become with that train of thought.

Peace is all around us, if first we know and feel it!

Hold the vibration of calm and all else finds it’s place and falls in sync.

Have a lovely day!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015


`Fall-back day’….

Every year, one day each year, we greet this special day, fall-back day.

Leaves are graciously changing color and drifting back down to earth to refresh till next spring.

I wonder….IF I could fall back, what would I do differently?  Ever wonder about that?  I’m sure you do.  Today, when I woke, I felt refreshed and renewed.  Yesterday gone, but did I do anything to prompt a better today, a better year?  Yes!

During these fall-back days I ponder.  Did I help this child too much or not enough?  What about my other babies, did I do too much or too little?  I’ll never really know, but I feel I’ve helped one and all my four babies, now grown adults, but always my babies to my fullest extent each day, each year!

At present I’m living with my youngest daughter Ashley and her fiance Doug.  Yesterday, I unpacked only some of my items as this change of pace is the beginning of another new page in my life’s journey, soon to relocate and soar further!  A new beginning that is changing the way I view items.  A refreshing cleanse that is similar to the estate sales I handle.  Yes, indeed it’s very similar.

Estate sales are a cleansing of a loved ones items.  A letting go.  Remembering of course, all the sweet and perhaps not-so-sweet memories of the one that left this life.  This I do on a regular basis while wondering why do I need this or that?  I must cleanse more.

This recent move encouraged me to gift items away and or throw out items that no longer suited my needs.  Less is always more.

What a cleansing this has been for me!  I’m now devoted to Self to keep it simple and move through these seasoned years with less baggage and more freedom of movement.

Within this free movement, the pact with Self is growing stronger.  I’ve done my due diligence, working, raising my babies mostly alone.  A course I’ve chosen without any remorse.

Now, all the books that have flown from this mind, out these fingertips and into my sixty-six journals to date, are bursting to bring forth their fruits.

Recently, I traveled the high seas seeking knowledge via an Alaskan authors cruise.  There I learned a host of new knowledge and an invite to submit my Estate Sales Made Easy book for publication.  This thrill, along with my recent cleansing of things has encouraged me to go as far as I can within the quest of writing.

Fall back, is just a note on the calendar along with all those what-if’s.

Cleanse my estate!

Raise higher and move forward!

Yes….another much more powerful note on the calendar.


Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015