Are they Orbs or merely reflective circles?

I entered a plain 2-story red-brick building dubbed a church by it’s pastor of forty years and felt the calm that ensued inside.  While he showed me each floor including the basement I felt a calm feeling knowing that many stories were held within these walls.  Especially upon viewing the small 6′ X 8′ cement baptismal pool that stepped perhaps four feet underground.  It was painted a sea blue.

I envisioned many walking down the few steps into the pool of water, nervous perhaps but happy that they decided it was time for their baptism representing their closeness to their god.

I’d been invited to handle an estate sale of the pews, clergy chairs, bibles, baby grand piano, drums, mics etc.  As I walked about the first floor, I envisioned the choir  that rocked the walls with their spiritual songs, clapping, stomping their feet and vast smiles abounding.  The photo below shows orbs where these hallowed walls once rocked with songs of praise.

After viewing my photos, I decided to ask the pastor if some in the choir had since passed.  ‘Oh, yes, we’ve had many come and go.’  I didn’t ask names since I wasn’t there for an interviOLIVE STREET ORBS ABOVE THE CHOIR AND PIANOew.  I just nodded in sync with my thoughts and feelings.

I wanted to know what others thought about Orbs online and did a bit of research.  Thus I’ve added information from two of the many sites that interested me.

Wikepedia states many claim an orb in a photo is merely a flash from a near-camera reflection.

Then on a site entitled Loveto know.ghost/colors they state this about – White or Silver Orbs: Spiritually, white or silver is associated with spirituality and connection with a higher source. Some investigators believe orbs that are either white or silver in appearance are an indication that a spirit is trapped on this plane. It may also be a sign that the spirit is there to offer protection to the people in the area. White energy is typically perceived as highly positive in nature.

Blue Orbs: Blue is spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth. It is a very calming color, and many people associate it with spiritual guidance. Some people feel blue orbs are are sign of a calming presence or energy, while others feel they indicate the presence of a spirit guide in that location.

As you can see, my pictures have white and blue orbs.  I for one have come to believe that there is some sort of spiritual energy when my camera picks up an orb.  This photo TONS OF ORBS IN SECOND FLOOR WHERE TRANSIENTS STAYEDwas taken without a flash midday.  There were no shinny objects nearby for my camera to reflect off of, especially with no flash used.

The photo below was taken just a few minutes after.  MANY ORBS ON SECOND FLOOR ABOVE WORKERSThere was no glare from the window plus there were wood items causing no reflection as well.  Many orbs abounded in both of these photos.

November, 2015 my crew and I were on the second floor of a St. Louis city church.  A church started by a kind gentle man, now near eighty, who forty years prior had a dream to help others.  Thus he began this church.  In the late 1990’s, for five years he opened this second floor for homeless men.  He gathered fourteen twin sized beds of which twelve were always full.  Here he housed, fed and encouraged all to obtain jobs and attend meetings that could and would help some to full recovery.

When I saw these orbs, I asked him too, if any that he sheltered died during those years.  Sadly, he said “yes, I couldn’t help them all.”

I knew from these pictures that these orbs, to me, symbolized those that passed and held a connection to this once safe haven.  I also felt that they watched over all that entered this special meeting place on the floor below where many church pews, bibles  used to reside and a host of members that attended the services.  I felt these entities might possibly wonder where they should go next since the church is now closed.  I wanted to take time to tell them to go into the light or at least to release their connection to this place as it would be torn down next year.  But in my haste to handle the estate sale, I failed to take time to help them move on.

So instead of feeling poorly about not helping them move on, I decided to take with me the feeling that all is well.  To me they are a spiritual light and carry with them the kindness’s that this kind gentle man bestowed upon them while there.

I love estate sales for many reasons, but the best of the best is when I see a presence and in this case the orbs in the photos that encouraged me to ask more questions of what took place in this humble church.

I think and feel I have a duty to pay attention to my feelings and in this case the orbed photos.  By so doing, I may help some move into the transition of letting go of the physical gaining stories along the way.  Just like I do via estate sales, for those left behind when a relative or friend passes from their physical existence.

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