The Eyes say it all!

A few weeks ago I moved back to my beautiful 8-year old home.  After testing out a condo and living with my youngest daughter (who by-the-way is to have my first grandchild!  I’m sooo pleased!) I decided to return to it.  We’ve tried to sell it, but the Universal energies knows `the when’ that will take place.

For now, I’m here!

Thus on January 14th, I decided after 3-weeks of sleeping on a small cot, I had enough of back aches!  I’d researched new mattress sets and went to The Bed Store once again where I’d purchased my previous well-liked set.

They had a special on the one I liked and I ordered it!  I expected them to deliver it the following week, however the powers-that-be knew better!  They delivered it the following day!

Ok, so why the title The Eyes say it all?  Well, while I sat at the counter for the final paperwork, I noted a 4-part picture of children.  The only person there was a man named Tim who sold me the set and stated that he’s been working alone for a while due to few good workers.

I asked if he had four children and added, I see the top two pictures are of the same girl but I feel you have four children.  He paused from the paperwork, looked up with a puzzled stare.  Well….Yes, I would have four live children….but my daughter Grace died last year at the age of nine from cancer.

I almost wished I hadn’t asked as I could tell it was hard for him to talk about it.  But I felt the girl’s eyes told me to.  It’s weird, but true.

He said its just been recently that he can talk about it and feels its good to do so.

The odd thing he thought was why did I ask if he had four children when clearly the pictures were of only three.

I said I just felt it from her eyes.

He then pulled out a photo of a baby boy four months old.  That boys eyes told me and I said this out loud, Oh, he will speak early!

Tim looked at me amazed and said, yes at two months he said momma.

I knew it!  That little boys eyes were so vivid I felt he came in to replace the sadness of his sisters passing.  Nothing ever replaces the loss of a child, but a new baby certainly keeps the mind full of other thoughts, thus in a way, aides with the parents loss.

I told Tim to pay attention to what he says because all the things I’ve read and learned about spirituality has taught me that the young ones are closest to where they just came from and can enlighten an observant parent.

I wish I’d known of this option when my babies were little.  I would have written down everything the little ones said from day to day.  Yes, I’ve written many things down as they grew but I didn’t have the knowledge of something more.

A few weeks back a new male acquaintance showed me a picture of his white 120-lb dog.  It’s eyes too spoke to me!  I knew my father’s eyes were talking to me through this dog.  Uncanny, yes, but I knew dad was coming back soon to the family.  Then I learned my girl was pregnant with a boy and is to name him Victor, my fathers name.  She and all my four babies were close to their papa!  Hmm this will be interesting!

I will pay attention!


When my father left his earthly life on August 20, 2012, I began chatting with him through meditative thought transference, typing questions to him and answers from him that transpired.  This information has turned into a book entitled Life After Life with Dad- soon to be published.  Here is an excerpt from it:

Dad: You see, honey there’s throngs of people already here. It’s amazing! I’ve seen my loved ones in this spirit life. They tell me I’m to encourage other spirits to enlist, yes enlist to go to earth as a physical being to see what that’s like. But you know honey; many don’t want to experience that.

Me: Really, why not?

Dad: It’s like this and I’m new at this so bare with me. You see it’s so wonderful here, so peaceful and on earth I had to work like the dickens to feed my family. But here there’s no physical food, just a peace and serenity that surrounds us. We take in a euphoric type of food that sustains and maintains the spirit. Physical people like you and my other babies have to have physical food to sustain life; here we just take it all in.

V: Oh, so many don’t want to become a physical being because it’s a great deal of work?

D: Exactly!

Me: Where’s here?

Dad: Honey, it’s just a different space. There’s no up here and down there. It’s just a being place. Yes, that’s it. A being place of knowledge. The energy is the knowledge that we all have but on earth are blocked because of all the vast array of people’s energies pulling each of us in many directions. Like the great masters throughout time. Those men and women are those that saw beyond what all or the masses see while on earth. They saw a different thought process, which enabled them to speak to the masses either on a platform like Patrick Henry or in a book of verse. No one person on earth that spoke on these platforms saw things as the masses did and do. They spoke to help the masses see beyond what is on earth. Earth is just a place to learn for the afterlife. It’s just an experience that spirits chose to enlist for. There’s a saying on earth that those enlightened ones say, we are not earthly beings having a spiritual experience but spirit beings having an earthly experience.

Me: I see, so those here on earth that seem to have some special knowledge and share with us, these ones I guess have carried over perhaps thoughts from the spirit life? Is that it?

Dad: Well, sort of. Few adults recall anything from here. But little ones always do, however they can’t speak it until they’ve been almost indoctrinated by their parents who were indoctrinated by their parents. These parents, all well and good try to teach the children what they know and what they were taught. Do you see why so many live their lives in one religion because that’s what they were taught?

Me: Yes, I see.

Dad: If only they would open their minds to hear just hear what others say, they would have a much better existence on earth.


Clearly there’s much more, but dad mentioned little ones, which I thought pertinent to this blog.

We must pay attention to what our little ones say when they first begin to chatter.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015

Victoria age 10 months oval pic 1-22-16


Climb the hills first!

In my journal, today, I found a post-it that I wrote on June 20th, 2014, which reads:

You’ll be surprised at the mountains you can climb….

IF First you climb the mere hills!

Short and sweet!

What does that mean, you ask?

During my adult years, I’ve often been asked how do you do what you do?

Generally its women that ask this question.  To me, I just take a leap of faith when there’s a hill to climb.

I never say never, which most people do.

I surmise the task at hand.  Let it run around in this ole brain.  After soul searching and research, yes research the topic, I jump in.

I’ve taught my four children that we miss the mark when we turn away from taking that leap of faith!  Failure is not in my vocab.  Sure things change at all times, that’s a given, however by never trying something, anything at least once, you’ll never know if in fact you could have mastered it!

I believe climbing a small hill prompts me further towards the mountain. After the small hill ascent, the mountains no longer appear in my minds eye as an obstacle I can’t climb.

What did Thomas Edison do with the light bulb?  He tried 10,000 times till he perfected it!  That’s no type-O.  He knew he could do it and kept forging ahead.  Aren’t we grateful for his tenacity?  Walt Disney too, went bankrupt 7-times before he made his mark!

Do not give up!

Over the past 1-1/2 years I tried something new.  During that time, I learned I like the security of my own home.  Condos are beautiful, as was mine, but people were too close and there was little to no sun!  Awful for a sun-lover!

A lady acquaintance wondered why I’d want to move from my beautiful 6-1/2 year old home.  Why, indeed!  I did my research and made sure I had renters, thus took that leap of faith!  Now, I know it’s not for me.

Because I could!

I recall back when I lived in Affton, MO during 1997 I had my lovely brick home up for sale and a woman asked me why would you move, this is gorgeous and it was.

Politely I said, because I can.  (My new 5 bedroom home was being built, which allowed all five of us to finally have separate bedrooms.)

Yes, I could and can.  Everyone can if only each one stepped out of their comfort zone, to the wild unknown, and just followed their dreams and aspirations.  Remember….the HOW is always taken care of by the mighty Universal energies that continually abound.

First: grab your dream.

Second: do your research.

Third: take that leap of faith!

Fourth: remember, failure only arrives when you ‘fail’ to try!

Surprise yourself, climb the small hill’s first!

The mountains are only mountains in ones mind because you didn’t allow small hills to layer on top of each other.  When the layering begins, mountains are no longer mountains, but just a little bit bigger hill.

Keep climbing till you reach the top!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015