Climb the hills first!

In my journal, today, I found a post-it that I wrote on June 20th, 2014, which reads:

You’ll be surprised at the mountains you can climb….

IF First you climb the mere hills!

Short and sweet!

What does that mean, you ask?

During my adult years, I’ve often been asked how do you do what you do?

Generally its women that ask this question.  To me, I just take a leap of faith when there’s a hill to climb.

I never say never, which most people do.

I surmise the task at hand.  Let it run around in this ole brain.  After soul searching and research, yes research the topic, I jump in.

I’ve taught my four children that we miss the mark when we turn away from taking that leap of faith!  Failure is not in my vocab.  Sure things change at all times, that’s a given, however by never trying something, anything at least once, you’ll never know if in fact you could have mastered it!

I believe climbing a small hill prompts me further towards the mountain. After the small hill ascent, the mountains no longer appear in my minds eye as an obstacle I can’t climb.

What did Thomas Edison do with the light bulb?  He tried 10,000 times till he perfected it!  That’s no type-O.  He knew he could do it and kept forging ahead.  Aren’t we grateful for his tenacity?  Walt Disney too, went bankrupt 7-times before he made his mark!

Do not give up!

Over the past 1-1/2 years I tried something new.  During that time, I learned I like the security of my own home.  Condos are beautiful, as was mine, but people were too close and there was little to no sun!  Awful for a sun-lover!

A lady acquaintance wondered why I’d want to move from my beautiful 6-1/2 year old home.  Why, indeed!  I did my research and made sure I had renters, thus took that leap of faith!  Now, I know it’s not for me.

Because I could!

I recall back when I lived in Affton, MO during 1997 I had my lovely brick home up for sale and a woman asked me why would you move, this is gorgeous and it was.

Politely I said, because I can.  (My new 5 bedroom home was being built, which allowed all five of us to finally have separate bedrooms.)

Yes, I could and can.  Everyone can if only each one stepped out of their comfort zone, to the wild unknown, and just followed their dreams and aspirations.  Remember….the HOW is always taken care of by the mighty Universal energies that continually abound.

First: grab your dream.

Second: do your research.

Third: take that leap of faith!

Fourth: remember, failure only arrives when you ‘fail’ to try!

Surprise yourself, climb the small hill’s first!

The mountains are only mountains in ones mind because you didn’t allow small hills to layer on top of each other.  When the layering begins, mountains are no longer mountains, but just a little bit bigger hill.

Keep climbing till you reach the top!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015




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