New beginnings….

How many times have we all began again?

Today, March 27, 2016 is my 64th birthday!  I’m beginning a new career side by side with my 27-year estate sale career and proud of it!  (Hmm….27 also equals 9, interesting!)

Yesterday, I woke with this brief poetic thought and jotted it down.

At sixty-three, I’ve come full circle. Thus when added together 63-equals nine.  (Within numerology’s sphere, nine is a full circle of representation.)

At sixty-four, which equals ten – I’m beginning again!

To be sure, I’m beginning again!

Last year, at sixty-three, I decided then and there that this was my year!

I’ve raised and nurtured my babies to adulthood and now it was certainly time for Mom to become whom she wished and longed to be all this years!

A published author!

I set aside old acquaintances that drained my positive energies.  This one simple step opened my energetic writing field to new heights!

I saw a notice from Hay House for the Speak, Write and Promote author seminars and jumped on it!  It was a cruise to Alaska, a cruise I never thought of taking, but I took it!

Leading up to the August 2015 cruise, I tenaciously sat at my computer early each morn, to write.  This was after I gathered all of my sixty-five hand written journals. Twenty-years of thoughts for various books titled in the headings.  These, I combed through locating all written words for a book I call The Secret of a Widows Vision – The Vision from within.

These notes are all moments in time, when the grand Universal energies synchronistically connected my thoughts and desires to events, that blended all I wanted and or needed at that time.  The `how’ I rarely questioned and now never do.  The powers-that-be knows exactly what and when I should do this or that.

I just allow the journey.

For six months I organized each synchronistic thought into a chronological blend of energy.  I thought….this book was the one that might catapult my publishing deal.

However, the grand Universe knew otherwise!

Over the week long cruise to three ports of call to and from Alaska, five seminars were in place for aspiring and already self-published authors to learn the `how-to’ get it done process.  Very inspiring and thought provoking!

I so wanted to speak my truth, however the powers-that-be knew better.  Four seminars came and went.  I honed my intro.  Would I get to speak my truth?

The final session was upon us.  I raised my hand to speak and glory be, I was called upon!

Before me stood another lady, speaking her truth at the microphone.  She, however didn’t wish to change her title so that others would know what the book was about.  This was requested by the CEO of Hay House.  No, she stood firm in her conviction.  I still don’t recall the title.

My turn.  I will certainly take all suggestions, I thought, from the CEO, Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson-live coach, authors.

Intro:  Hi, my name is Victoria Gray.  Over the past 26-years I’ve handled estate sales in and around St. Louis and the surrounding areas.  I make estate sales easy for those that are left behind.

Cheryl stopped me, turned to Reid and said, perfect!  Right?  He nodded in agreement.

I was ecstatic!  I had all week to hone my intro and now they loved it!

All were asked to raise their hands if they understood what Victoria does.  All raised their hands.  I did it!

Simple, you think?  No, not at all.  When a new beginning is intended, extreme intention and thought must be at the fore.  It just must.

Questions abounded from Reid and Cheryl.  Fortunately and just prior to taking the stand, I asked a new friend, Gloria, to take notes since I knew I’d forget most that was stated. She took great legible notes!

Reid added, wouldn’t it be great if you could tell stories and add pictures of your sales.  Can you tell us one?

Sure, I told one about seeing an entity and knew it was the husband.  It’s detailed within a blog here entitled Entities & Orbs.

I rattled it off and all sighed.  Reid asked, can you recall other stories?  Yes, I have 65-journals to date that house the stories.  He almost jumped off his stool with excitement as I recall, of which others stated the same at dinner that evening.

He asked too, do you have any pictures?  Do you have a following?

Oh yes.  I take pictures of every sale.  And I have over 20,000 estate sale followers.

What a great platform, they both exclaimed!

Cheryl, chimed in….you need to begin blogging of such and you need a website for Victoria Gray.  I stated I have a site for estate sales, but would certainly create another.

She added, you help so many.  I think you need an assistant to help you, you’re so busy!

Yes, busy with the business of helping others ease the angst of what-to-do with aunt Harriet’s items and helping me at the same time.

We all left excited, carrying a host of items to follow for our book submissions.

Diligently, I created a forty-page submission.  A 7-minute video and finished adding stories to a book I created over ten years ago titled Estate Sales Made Easy.  Sending all in on January 16th, three weeks before the February 8th deadline.

Would they publish me?  Time marched on.  I continued my estate sales excited to know who won the publishing contract.

March 8th, 6 a.m. I woke excitedly.  I checked the Facebook page for an update.  No update of who won.  By 10 a.m. I spoke at a real estate office of approximately fifty-people of estate sales and how my crew and I have helped thousands of families over the past 26-years, answering many questions along the way.

Fifteen minutes later, I sat down to listen, however something told me to check my email and text.  Lo and behold I received a text from an out of state number to please call it.  I wrote back, I’m in a meeting, what does it concern?  I receive many out of state calls from family members for sales.  I then opened my emails and found one from Cheryl Richardson.

I was the winner!!!  A radio show, a live webinar and an ebook soon to come to promote my book, Estate Sales Made Easy.  Hard copy to come later.

I never even spoke of The Secret of a Widows Vision….I didn’t care!

I won!!!

New beginnings, indeed!

Full circle, absolutely!

Change your path!

Do what you want!

The Universe is listening….

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015


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