A very interesting day….afternoon…

As I drove down the lane and away from meeting Lady H, I decided to view a 2-story Historic home now active as a store of new and recycled home furnishings.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a jovial kind lady of 70-years.  As I entered another room in the house another employee lady introduced herself to me too!  As things unfurled I introduced myself as well.  The first lady noted the sign on my car, Estate Sales by Victoria asking various questions.  All three of us intertwined brief stories of items we liked and a bit of what I do to help others when a relative passes or scales down.  They were intrigued.

I, of course, excitedly told them of my book, Estate Sales Made Easy and that a major U.S. publisher, Hay House awarded me their confidence to publish my book with a contract, a radio show, an eBook and a live webinar to kick things off.  The hard copy to come a bit later.

When I told them that I see and feel `things’ within my many 27-years of handling estate sales, the second lady told me they have a spirit there.  Quickly, I said, don’t tell me anything you may know about the spirit.  I’ll look around to see if I feel anything at all.

Sure enough as I walked up the old 1850’s wood staircase to the landing, my stomach began to fidget!  I continued.  The stairs took a sharp right upward to the long hall with bedrooms on either side and ends.  I shopped around continually feeling – a worried soul- is here.

When I entered the final long bedroom that stretched from the front of the home to the back, I knew the spirit was there and felt worried about something.  I became more fidgety.  I was not afraid, but felt it’s angst.  For or over what, I knew not.

After looking about a bit more, I descended the staircase walking into the back room where I entered and met the second lady there, telling her what I felt.

She said, it’s always at the landing that people feel something and often turn around without shopping more.  She wished she felt something, but never has.  She told me they learned a murder happened in the large room that stretched from the front and to the back of the house.  The same room I felt the extreme worried feeling in.  And that a woman and child were left behind when her husband was killed.

Did I receive the worried feeling from the mother who with her child perhaps were hidding in a closet when the murder occurred?  Did she feel she and her child would be next?  I’m sure she did.

Amazing, as I descended the stairs my stomach started to settle down.

I will have to research to see if an old newspaper houses that story.

I love when these connections take place.

Always pay attention….it’s so intriguing!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015






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