A bottle of mustard

April 30th, I’d just unloaded my SUV at my youngest daughter Ashley’s home 30 miles north, after which I stopped at the local Dollar General store for supplies.

I gathered up an armful of sundries.  At the counter was a young woman of nineteen, who mentioned she had two children and works 50-hours of late.

A customer lady in front of me, 5′ 9″ or so with a young daughter in tow of 13-years, we were told, began talking about her three children ages 21, 18 and 13.  Within her ramblings and fumblings to find her credit card, I added that I have four children and am going through a tough time with my youngest son.  She chattered away about how kids are expensive and that they’re no trouble, but costly.  I certainly know that, adding that I’m a widow of almost 30-years, they sighed, saying they were sorry.  But, me, I’m not.  It’s been difficult, I stated, but overall a grand blessing and I’ve reached sixty-four with good health.

What? Sixty-four? How? Asked the customer lady.

Just at that time the pile of sundries began to fall from my grasp.  MUSTARD BOTTLE 4-30-16 FROM DOLLAR GENERAL FOR BLOGA mustard bottle, fortunately plastic, fell to the floor.  The lady picked it up noting the flip top had broken off.  The counter girl said she’d replace it.  I merely said, no worries, that flip top probably wouldn’t have been closed in the fridge properly anyway.

The lady customer looked at me and said, that right there, is how you’ve made it!

Hmm…  A mere mustard bottle made me think.  Yes, often like most, I have kinks in my life’s journey.  However, the mere fact that a mustard bottle had to remind me to find the positive from within, amazed me!

A positive prayer of thanks I hailed to the Universal energies when I settled into my car on the way home.

Positive thought, is the way I’ve managed with four now adult children throughout this journey.

All along this journey, I continually tell my children when distressed, to reach for a better thought.  It works every time!

Thank you little mustard bottle!

Reach for a better thought!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015