Greet everyday with a smile

Day’s ebb and flow so quickly that I forgot to blog again of Bob and what he said on Saturday, April 16th.  (I jotted it down on a post-it that resides in my daily journal, now to breathe.)

When he arrives at my sales, he makes a b-line to my checkout table, always with a smile.

I saw him coming and said, hi Bob.  Glad to see you!

He’s 88-years young you see and wears a smile that lasts the entire time he’s at my sales.

He walked over and said, When I peruse the estate sales online, I make sure I stop by the sale where the lady always smiles!

Really?  I asked  I’m the smiling lady?

Yes, you always have a smile for all your customers.  You know when I was younger I had lots of anger issues and went to a doctor for it.  That doctor told me that if I’d only wake with a smile and greet all my adversities with that smile, then all my troubles wouldn’t seem so large.

A positive attitude and smile changes how I see things everyday.

I know I smile a lot because my father also stated something similar.  When I asked him several years back, how do you always seem to smile no matter what?

Well, honey.  I learned a long time ago that I could either wake each morning with a smile and deal with the day or I could decide to be a grump every day.  I chose to smile and that’s how I’ve lived my life ever since.

Bob agreed and thanked me for always smiling and being pleasant to all that enter and leave my sales.

What a grand thing to note.  It made my day, that I make his day when he enters the sales.

Oh sure, there’s clients and customers that curl my toes, but I always handle things with a calmness of spirit.  Why should I stoop to any other level, that would only burn my insides and they’d just walk out the door.

No, I chose to smile.

Thanks Bob.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015





First time grandmother Gray…..’GiGi’

I now understand why various grandparents tell me over and over, what a grand experience it is to be a grandparent!

Well…June 14, 2016….I became a GP member!

Months of knowing a new `boy’ arrival was on the horizon, now here!

Aunt Rachel planned a wonderful baby shower, May 21st with a host of family and friends of both momma Ashley and daddy Doug…..all the while trying to keep the secret from Ashley.  She tried every which way but loose to pry the actual date from her sister and moi.  We stood fast.  We didn’t even tell her fiance Doug, so he wouldn’t give way with Ashley’s inquiries.  Smart Rachel tactic!

Rachel told her it was her engagement party and that Ashley needed to be there by 12:30 for photos.  (Rachel is engaged and to be married September 17th, 2016….another wonderful event to embrace!)

5-21-16 Ashley surprised at baby showerAshley, big and pregnant, wearing a salmon colored, floor length dress entered the room a bit flustered because we needed her there by 12:30 for the supposed photo shoot, walked in with me and Doug, totally surprised!

We did it!  No, Rachel did it!  The rooVictoria and Rachel 5-21-16m was totally planned out.  Neatly displayed clothed tables, with center pieces designed and made by aunt Rachel.

The cake, Rachel hand picked!  Gorgeous!

Ashlleys baby shower cake 5-21-16Then…drum roll…..the pseudo `gift-cakes’Diaper cakes Rachel and Scott made for 5-21-`6 Rachel and fiance Scott created were stunning!  Filled with baby goodies! Diaper bag from Rachel to Ashley at shower 5-21-16 Ashley and Doug viewing Edmond Victors baby book 5-21-16Front cover of Baby book 5-9-16 WITH EDMONDS PIC ON IT 6-25-16EDMOND AND RACHEL 6-14-16GiGi with 1-hour old Edmond Victor Cary 6-14-16