Estate Sales are Easy, however……

I grew up in a peaceful organized household, thus setting up an estate sale with all the organizing that’s needed, comes easily for me.

However, when I handle hoarders sales, it’s a bit tricky.  In that, each hoarder has their own way of hoarding.  Some just add piles and piles all over the home of things they like or purchase items because it’s on sale.  Others seek out special toys, coins etc that may be of value in their later years.  It’s extremely relative to whomever is hoarding.

Last year I handled a huge sale in the city.  The owners, now in their eighties, needing medical assistance finally moved into an assisted living establishment.  My sale took place over one weekend, as usual.  On Sunday’s sale date, the owner called me sixteen-times to inform me of what they didn’t want sold!  Mind you, we set aside many items throughout our setup for family to pick up and take to them.  Each call the owner very politely said Victoria this is….honey, please don’t sell the planters out back.  Please don’t sell the metal chairs out back. Please don’t sell the tea cups, the broken chair out back – we just love it!  (Note each item called about was broken, rusted or just no use to anyone any longer nor were they able to repair it at this juncture in their life).  I don’t recall each request, however the requests were always for something that no longer could serve them or anyone else.

Another sale housed tons and tons of salable items, however the owner needed to sell the home and told me to give it away and that she didn’t care what it brought.  However, I had to pay my help and make an income. The fact that she told me to give it away helped me considerably!  This comment allowed me to set up the thousands upon thousands of items without taking hours and hours to price it after set up, which she agreed to.  This enabled me to purge all items via verbal pricing each sale day.


Before setup of the family room

Customers love these types of sales, as do I.  Thus, this sale became a bag and pile-it-up sale.  Goodness, the customers flowed in, happy to rummage through the now organized lot.  Each one carried up an armload of items from the basement, which pleased me and the homeowner.  Meaning she wouldn’t have to hire workers to do what these paying customers were doing, ridding her very full home of all she and her partner bought and carried in over the years.


After set up-floors are visible!

She was very pleased.  Of course, these type of sales don’t always bring in big bucks, however handling sales like these, are a blessing to each client that needs all items out to sell their home swiftly and move to a smaller place.

Another hoarders estate housed so many items in it’s over 5000 square foot home that it certainly was overwhelming!  When I’m commissioned to handle these types of sales, I pause, take it in, then begin silently figuring out how to set it up.  How many sales will it take?  This one housed many many toys in original packaging.  From experience, I knew I’d have to take two weeks to set it up, research and sell only the toys on one or two weekends, then sell the remainder contents, one of the following weekends.  They wholeheartedly agreed as they were perplexed as to how to get rid of everything.  This turned out to be the best sale I had that year!

I make Estate Sales Easy for those that scale down and for those that have lost a loved one.

estate-sales-made-easy-new-cover-hay-house-nailed-it-1-4-2017My book, Estate Sales Made Easy, is now on Amazon for pre-purchasing at: Estate Sales Made Easy

The hard copy comes out late summer 2017!  I’m so excited!  It’s published by the same publisher that publishes Chicken Soup for the SoulHay House publishing.  With an eBook coming out first!  Some time in the mix a live Webinar and a Radio show coming, dates/times to be announced.

Check it out!  Not only is this a how-to begin a business guide like mine, but it includes stories of energies I see, feel and often times hear within each estate.  Note the sparkle within the letter A denoting something more…..

Watch for more books on this subject, which also includes the stories each house offers up….

Victoria Gray



3 thoughts on “Estate Sales are Easy, however……

  1. Joyce Boyd Hurst says:

    I’m Wanda Boyd’s sister. I believe you’ll be working on her house beginning Feb 9th with the sale being the 18th and 19th. I’m so anxious to hear if you feel her energy while working there. Marla felt Wanda was messing with me while I was there last week. I’m desperate to get a real message from her, one that I REALLY FEEL.
    Marla said she put my name on the list to go in the house while you are there….I would love to meet you. Wanda was my only sister and her deceased son Eric was my Godchild. I go in that house and Wanda isn’t there but it’s still unbelievable to me that she’s gone. Thank you for reading my comment.


    • victoriagray says:

      Hello Joyce:

      Thank you for writing. It’s quite strange when a loved one passes. When the dearest father I could have ever been gifted, passed Aug 20, 2012…oh how I grieved! He was my best friend for 60.5 years! I just had to speak to him again. I thought, that just couldn’t be all there is to life! Soon, I recalled classes on meditation that taught me to not question what I received. Thus I meditated just six days after he passed and said hello. Oh my, he responded! I sat at my laptop, eyes closed to receive any and all messages and questions I had, typing as fast as I could. It’s actually turned into a book of sessions that I call Life After Life with Dad.

      I’ve learned many things through him.

      I’ve met my grandmother that died when he was only five. Oh, there’s much to the book.

      I’ll pay attention and let you know whatever I receive.

      All the best and sorry for the loss of your dear sister. We’re all intuitive…IF….we’re open to receive. She probably was teasing with you. Often it’s something similar to when they were here that encourages us to know without a doubt it’s them. These moments are to be treasured and written down, if you have time.

      All the best!

      We’ll meet, I’m sure.

      Victoria Gray


      • Joyce Boyd Hurst says:

        Thank you for answering Victoria, sounds like I may want to get your book Life after Life With Dad. I soooo want to talk to my sister. Good luck with Wanda’s house, I’ve asked her so many times WHY DID YOU SAVE THIS but she hasn’t answered yet 🙂
        Thank you and I’ll probably see you.


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