Challenging customers…..

This past weekend, I handled a very, very Fine Art and Jewelry sale.  Not to mention many other awesome items in this gorgeous home in St. Louis.

This sale was an awesome change from a basic sale.  And the owners….stood out ahead of and beyond their fine quality finds.  They clearly are astute buyers of everything signed down to small figurines, small statues, bowls, large and small Fine Art and especially high end watches, pearls, turquoise & silver and multiple variations of fine jewelry.

Fine Artists: Flantz, Khoury, Native American bead work items by Tommy Singer, Hessam, Sally Rogers figures, pencil signed Marc Chagall, Le Kinff, Simbari, to name a few.

Coach purses took the lead, followed by a Mary Francis specialty beaded purse.  There were Makowsky, Cole Hahn, MZ Wallace, Cryson, Longchamp, BLVD, Brighton purses and silver buckle belts, etc.

Etched Polland glassware, Waterford, Echhalt.  Hand carved cameos, Jacques Lamen Invicta, Croton, Christian Bernard watches and the list went on and on.

I find customers come out in the droves, based on merchandise and their pocketbooks.

With this type of sale brings in a host of eager buyers to purchase something they may not be able to purchase at the retail level.  This weekend was at par!

Over 100 people stood in line at first light for numbers to obtain that special find.  All went along rather well, I might say.  My youngest, Ashley and worker Brian helped me host the fine smalls lined atop and inside large glass front displays, loaned by another worker Jeremy.  My brother Dwayne and Jeremy greeted customers in all the remaining rooms, helping carry this or that out.  Running up to me with mounds of items a customer wished to hold while they searched for other treasures.  It was non-stop both days.

Yes, it was grand…then….on Sunday, half off day, three women from across the oceans wanted to purchase purses, pearls, silver etc.  Only one spoke English, the other two a foreign tongue I did not recognize.

They began working with Brian, asking this price or that.  All pricing was clearly on each piece.  He stated the half off price, they balked asking for lower pricing.  He continued to explain the quality of the merchandise, they still balked.  Exasperated he sent them over to me.  I’d heard the commotion over the other well mannered customers, all of which were becoming annoyed with them as well.  He quoted the prices he gave them.  I stated clearly, I am honoring what he told you.  They still, in their foreign tongue made plans, I assume to harass me till I gave in.  I did not.

One then pulled out $89 claiming that’s all she had.  I said, OK that’s fine. You have enough for this and this or that and this.  I cannot give you items that don’t belong to me. I am selling for the owner and I must honor them first and foremost. The English speaking woman repeated to the other.  Still the same nonsense went on for 15-minutes or more. Their voice tone became agitated and louder.  I am very patient.

After I stated the same thing over and over, to no avail, the non English speaking woman began to get angrier holding out her eighty-nine dollars.  I knew what they were trying to do.  Twenty-eight years in this business, I know the drill.  Brian handled a host of paying customers to my left, while all in line looked on.  As I pulled the items from my table, I announced You don’t have enough money, therefore I will not sell this merchandise to you. I’ll take the next in line.  Angered they didn’t get their way, they left.

Lined customers said I can’t believe how patient you are!  I would have thrown them out minutes ago.  And another said I was about to come to your rescue!  If you’d have given in they would have come back for more.  I’m so glad you stood your ground.  They come to many high end sales and do just that.  Trying to frustrate the estate sale personnel to give in.  Good for you!

I knew I wouldn’t give in.  As stated, I am very patient, to a degree, then it’s time to carry on!

It got even better….after about an hour or so the elder woman came back in with her husband, I presumed.  She changed her clothing color, I believe thinking, she won’t recognize me and I’ll try again.  Silly lady….I knew exactly who she was.  She began in her foreign tongue and used fingers representing what she wanted to pay for a particular purse.  It was $10 below my previous quoted price.  The day late, soon to close, I let her have it at that price to eliminate hassle.  Her husband or whomever he was held up a small item that was $15 Saturday and now $7.50.  Both like to giggle while doing their charade.  He held up his right arm with a gesture that looked like the I give you this much.  Then five-fingers all the while giggling!  I said no sir, it’s $7.50, no less.    Funny how he understood.  He set down the first five-dollars, then after I said $7.50, he set down two more dollars.  I said that’s fine.  I can do without fifty-cents…and under my breadth….and you, get the *#@* out of here!  He and wify went out the door!  I was free of them and the day finished out peacefully.

It pays to be patient and yet stand your ground.

On to another sale….always similar and yet always different, thankfully!

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We have our oddities…don’t we?

There’s little to say about the pictures I’ll upload here.  Really, they say it all.  However, I must add where these were taken.

Yesterday, I viewed a new estate in a very nice part of St. Louis, made a wrong turn and ran smack dab into this site.  Well, I didn’t actually run into it, but I drove along side.  At first glance, I thought it an early Halloween yard display.  Upon a closer view and driving up around the corner, I knew it was a work of a very peculiar person.  I just had to take pics.

The neighbor whom I visited, after I told her what I saw, said all the neighbors have tried to get him kicked out, but to no avail.  And the homes surrounding his CORNER perch have to view this awful, almost Vietnam display, daily.

Sad to me, when persons have no life and want to bother others with their strangeness’s.

For me, I’ll have to take a look at Self to see what I need to clean up.

Keep smiling!

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The Ants come marching in…

Back in April, I had this awesome dream!  Some might say…ants, why ants?

So here it is:

An 18-wheeler driving a huge bee hive sitting atop his very long flatbed trailer drove upwards to a destination unknown.  One would think in waking consciousness that a bee hive housed bees.  However, in my subconscious dream state, it became apparent the hive housed ants!

This hive, which I viewed from an arial perch, kept growing at alarming rates! Minute by minute I watched it grow.

The 18-wheeler traveled through mountain-like hills sided with plush green trees and as he drove, the hive grew. The road curved left then right, through narrow passageways that broadened at points, but always up hill.  At each large area or pass, part of the hive, now laying heavily on the back of the trailer and hanging on the ground, dropped off. Then another and another, all the while it kept growing.

By this time, I noticed I was in a helicopter with a TV announcer.  Terror of these large ants flew across America’s news stations.  Scientists frantically scurried to find a way to kill these hives before the aunts birthed.

The hive’s color dark, dusk on the horizon, all afraid of what was to come.

I saw the hive break off at least four times while watching from above.  It, the back side of the hive, drug on the narrow highway. Then some would fall off. Then another as large or larger grew quickly and fell off again.  The truck strained from the weight, but trudged upwards.  What to do?  What to do?  How to stop this? the announcer repeated.

The dream ended there.   The sketch – right – is humble but represents what I drew upon waking.ANT PIC FOR BLOG DREAM FOR 8-7-17 BLOG

Within my daily journal #71, of this dream I added:  As I write this I feel it has to do with my new books, current and to come. Masses of books sold, dropped at various locations, which grows again to massive quantities.  Four times – to me represents angels who are helping me in the process.  The number four in Doreen Virtues book Healing with the Angels, reads – the angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’, help is nearby.

Plush green treesBarbara Condron, with the School of Metaphysics notes this in her book The Dreamer’s Dictionary – similar to a forest in a dream, trees represent subconscious existence…the re-creative part of mind.  She adds things to consider: Am I aware of how my conscious thinking affects my inner Self?  How are my conscious thoughts related to what I experience on deeper levels?  Meditation helps expand awareness.

Late in 1993, the first dream I took notice of, a dream of Henry Ford, caused me to write my first book, Victoria Zane, a mystery.  After researching the dream information, which turned out to be factual of Henry Ford, I’ve studied dreams ever since.  I’ve even studied metaphysics etc., plus attended the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, MO.  Reading Edgar Cayce, Freud, and a host of books encompassing our dream world and metaphysics.  It’s fascinating!

Thus, I wrote, I believe this terror is within me.  How so?  Writing a book is wonderful, however there’s much to do afterwards.  How do I market it?  What’s my part beyond writing and the publisher?  Will other’s want to kill it, as in the dream, without studying what’s within?  Will it or other books grow and grow like the hive dropping off at various bookstores, selling out and growing again?

Will I do talk shows?  Will I do radio shows?  Will I be terrified?  Perhaps or perhaps not. I’ve handled large fashion shows via Victorian garments I designed, made and shared to large audiences.  Still terrified is a strong adjective.  Yes, it all terrifies me.  But, I will head upwards to see it through.

There’s a great deal of power in deciphering ones dreams. When current situations are taken note of, dreams can heal the conscious mind as you see, the subconscious never sleeps, but takes-care-of day to day occurrences.  IF one pays heed.

I welcome full hives!

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An Amazing ‘Book’ Dream – comes true!

Since a little girl of four and a half years, it’s been my goal to write with every pen and paper I can and could find.  My wonderful father dutifully taught me to read and write by this time.

Seriously, I viewed a pen and paper as a tool without realizing my intended goal till I was thirty-six.  Just after my second husband died, leaving me with four precious babies and no life insurance, the one thing I wanted to do was to document my families information. This turned into 73 journals to date!  Each one houses many thoughts, ideas, imaginings, dreams and of course my babies `happenings’ if you will, all along the way.++++ESTATE SALES MADE EASY NEW COVER-MAIN

Today, I’m caressing my first book published by a world renowned publishing company, Hay House.  Can I believe it!  I must, for here it is!

Pen and paper, almost magically, has become the fulfillment of a life long dream, which is to write and get paid for it.

Today, I’m announcing my first book signing at Barnes and Noble, 113 West County Center, Des Peres, MO 63131, Saturday August 19, 1-3.

Back in January, 2015 I made up my mind and told the grand Universe that I, Victoria Gray, wanted to write, enlighten the masses and get paid to do so the rest of my life.

It’s almost whimsical how that transpired.

I receive emails weekly, from Hay House and one caught my eye.  A cruise to Alaska for a Speak, Write, Promote contest in August of that year.  It was a bit costly, so again, I told the Universal energies that I needed to go and that I also needed to pay cash for it, or I felt it wasn’t to be.  Lo and behold I had so many estate sales, I was almost overwhelmed!

I forged through each sale, which paid the entire trip with ease and they even allowed me a one-week visit with my eldest son, Caleb, in LA.

What transpired once I paid for the trip?  I began finishing a book I call The Secret of a Widow’s Vision, The Vision from Within.  I self published it and carried it with me to show and tell, if needed.

Guess what?  I never got to talk about that book during the five seminars.

The amazing thing that happened during the seminars happened unexpectedly.  Cheryl Richardson, author and frequent visitor to Oprah’s earlier shows, kept asking all that spoke to tell everyone what they do. Hmm, I do estate sales, but I didn’t plan on speaking about them.  Ah, the universe knew better!

Within the first seminar, Cheryl and CEO of Hay House, Reid Tracy told us to write down a short introduction of what we do and speak in bullet points via Cheryl.  So, each bit of down time, I’d write and re-write my intro.  Then at the next three seminars, I’d raise my hand like many and never got called on.  I knew I needed to talk.  And anyone that knows me, knows I’m proficient at chatting!

Ok, then, I scaled down my intro to:  Hello, my name is Victoria Gray.  I handle estate sales in and around the St. Louis area and have for the past 27-years.  I make estate sales easy for those that are left behind.

Friday, the last and fifth seminar, I raised my hand and was called upon. There were two ladies in front of me.  The one directly in front of me, after Mr. Tracy said you’re book sounds nice, but you need to change the title.  She said No, I like the title and I’ll keep it.  I was amazed that she didn’t want to do what the CEO knew needed done in order for the masses to know what her book was about.  I would listen and learn.  They are the professionals.

My turn.  I spoke the above intro.  Cheryl immediately turned to Mr. Tracy and said Perfect!  Right?  He nodded yes and while sitting on a stool, set one foot on the platform with one foot still on the stool rest.  She then asked everyone if they knew what Victoria does and a resounding yes came forth. She asked many more questions, I answered and she said you need an assistant.  I concurred.

Mr. Tracy asked me to tell a story of my sales.  I’d just mentioned that within the sales I often see, feel and hear energies.  Thus I told this story and wrote it in this blog September 2015.  Scroll down to read – Seeing an Entity

After the story, he asked what my platform was, I answered.  Then he said wouldn’t it be great if you wrote a book about that?

Well, I wrote a small estate sale guide some years ago.

He was pleased and asked do you think your could put some of the stories in with a guide?

My reply sure.  

He asked can you remember all of them?  

Well, yes. You see, I have 65 journals to date with all stories there.  

The audience gasped as did he.  He stood Ok, great!  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had pictures too.

Well, I take pictures of all my sales to upload for the customer base to view.  Again, the audience gasped, amazed.

Ok, then I want you to put that book together and send in your submission.  And I want all of you to send in your submissions.  If we like ten submissions, we will hire all ten.  

We had six months to do a 40-page submission and a 7-minute video of what we do.  I did it and finished three weeks prior to the February 8th, 2016 due date.

March 8th, 2016, while at a speaking engagement at Coldwell Banker Gundaker real estate office, I received a text to call an out of state number.   I texted back I’m in a meeting, what does it entail?  The sender wrote back read your email.

I read my email to learn I was the winner!

Since I’d just finished my segment, I stood, told them I won the book contest.  All clapped because earlier I mentioned I was in line to win a book contest and showed them my rendition of a mock up cover for Estate Sales Made Easy.

O.M.G!  I won!  I called each of my four kids.  They were ecstatic too!

The rest is history and now to begin the rest of my journey.

Always dream.  Always dream big!  We never know who or what will zigzag our journey to fulfill a dream!

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