The Ants come marching in…

Back in April, I had this awesome dream!  Some might say…ants, why ants?

So here it is:

An 18-wheeler driving a huge bee hive sitting atop his very long flatbed trailer drove upwards to a destination unknown.  One would think in waking consciousness that a bee hive housed bees.  However, in my subconscious dream state, it became apparent the hive housed ants!

This hive, which I viewed from an arial perch, kept growing at alarming rates! Minute by minute I watched it grow.

The 18-wheeler traveled through mountain-like hills sided with plush green trees and as he drove, the hive grew. The road curved left then right, through narrow passageways that broadened at points, but always up hill.  At each large area or pass, part of the hive, now laying heavily on the back of the trailer and hanging on the ground, dropped off. Then another and another, all the while it kept growing.

By this time, I noticed I was in a helicopter with a TV announcer.  Terror of these large ants flew across America’s news stations.  Scientists frantically scurried to find a way to kill these hives before the aunts birthed.

The hive’s color dark, dusk on the horizon, all afraid of what was to come.

I saw the hive break off at least four times while watching from above.  It, the back side of the hive, drug on the narrow highway. Then some would fall off. Then another as large or larger grew quickly and fell off again.  The truck strained from the weight, but trudged upwards.  What to do?  What to do?  How to stop this? the announcer repeated.

The dream ended there.   The sketch – right – is humble but represents what I drew upon waking.ANT PIC FOR BLOG DREAM FOR 8-7-17 BLOG

Within my daily journal #71, of this dream I added:  As I write this I feel it has to do with my new books, current and to come. Masses of books sold, dropped at various locations, which grows again to massive quantities.  Four times – to me represents angels who are helping me in the process.  The number four in Doreen Virtues book Healing with the Angels, reads – the angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’, help is nearby.

Plush green treesBarbara Condron, with the School of Metaphysics notes this in her book The Dreamer’s Dictionary – similar to a forest in a dream, trees represent subconscious existence…the re-creative part of mind.  She adds things to consider: Am I aware of how my conscious thinking affects my inner Self?  How are my conscious thoughts related to what I experience on deeper levels?  Meditation helps expand awareness.

Late in 1993, the first dream I took notice of, a dream of Henry Ford, caused me to write my first book, Victoria Zane, a mystery.  After researching the dream information, which turned out to be factual of Henry Ford, I’ve studied dreams ever since.  I’ve even studied metaphysics etc., plus attended the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, MO.  Reading Edgar Cayce, Freud, and a host of books encompassing our dream world and metaphysics.  It’s fascinating!

Thus, I wrote, I believe this terror is within me.  How so?  Writing a book is wonderful, however there’s much to do afterwards.  How do I market it?  What’s my part beyond writing and the publisher?  Will other’s want to kill it, as in the dream, without studying what’s within?  Will it or other books grow and grow like the hive dropping off at various bookstores, selling out and growing again?

Will I do talk shows?  Will I do radio shows?  Will I be terrified?  Perhaps or perhaps not. I’ve handled large fashion shows via Victorian garments I designed, made and shared to large audiences.  Still terrified is a strong adjective.  Yes, it all terrifies me.  But, I will head upwards to see it through.

There’s a great deal of power in deciphering ones dreams. When current situations are taken note of, dreams can heal the conscious mind as you see, the subconscious never sleeps, but takes-care-of day to day occurrences.  IF one pays heed.

I welcome full hives!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015


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