Early One Morning + mind chaos….

I’m driving along the highway recalling a tune my sister Debbie used to sing (deceased December 19, 1997).  I believe it’s called Early One Morning.  She had such a grand yet soft, melodious quiver to her singing voice.  So gently, so like my little sister.  Sweet!

Lyrics – click the O to hear the melody.  O

Early one morning before the sun had risen,
I had a bluebird in the fields gayly sing (she sang…I heard a bluebird in the fields so gayly singing)
South winds are blowing, Green grass is growing.
Welcome to herald the merry spring.  (she sang-we have come to tell you of an early spring)

I don’t even recall this second verse, however it does seem sweet too!

One autumn afternoon just as the sun was setting,
I heard a bluebird on a tree pipe a song.
Farewell, we’re going, Cold winds are blowing.
But we’ll be back when the days grow long.

While humming the tune above, I noted cars scurrying here and there and began thinking about their possible hurried thoughts this morn.

Did I make the bed?

Did I latch/lock the door?

Do I have cash for lunch?

Did Edmond do his homework and what about Della, did she finish hers?

Did Amelia finish her science homework?

Did I set the house alarm?

Did I feed the cat and does he have water in his bowl?

Did I shut the garage door?  Maybe I should drive back to check.

Often times I do a quick scan of the clothes I have on and then question if I have on house slippers (because my shoes are so comfy) to note I am not wearing my slippers!

Then I begin thinking, maybe I need to buy another pair of these comfy shoes.  Sure, I’ll add that to my shopping list.  

I think….think….think as I drive….many thoughts, as most probably do….such as:

I’ll be on time to my appointment this afternoon.  Nope, there’s that school bus up ahead letting out a group of kids, so I sit a few minutes tapping my fingers.

I have to watch my windshield behind this truck, so I move.  Last year the windshield costs me $327, don’t want to pay that again so I’ll be careful not to drive behind construction trucks.

I have to pay the bills tonight, don’t want any late fees!  

As I lay my weary head on my soft clean pillow and snuggle into the bed, I thank all that is and off to dreamland….

Oh, the house, so beautiful, my sanctuary….I did all that time allowed for today….I’ll deal with missed items tomorrow.

After all tomorrow is another day.….

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My wonderful workers!

Last weekend, I stated in an earlier blog, was one for the books!

I’m adding this new bit of information of my workers, so all know the magnitude of what we do when under the gun.

The first day, a fast, furious and fulfilling day!  My youngest daughter Ashley, my brother Dwayne, my dear friend Brian and friend Jeremy worked their tales off!  So many came, viewed and spent money on large organized inventory, previously mentioned a few days ago.  So I won’t burden you with that….however, I do want all to know the pith of my workers.

The second day, Sunday, a `good ole guy’ with like workers, generally does the clean out at the sales end and has for over four years.  Sadly, something went amiss.  He never showed up nor called.  Still, today, no answer or call from him.  Sick?  I wonder.

The homeowner needed all remaining items out of the house Sunday afternoon-evening in order for her cleaning people to spruce up the home, Monday, for Tuesday’s closing. Yes, often times we’re at the tail end of a house sale.  When time is of the essence, as this was, all workers click along within the final perimeters to make things run smoothly. Except for the clean-out guy and crew who never showed up!

Annoyed, yes!  However, I was determined to make sure all the remaining items were removed and to assure the homeowner her closing would not be thwarted.  She is very kind and gifted my crew and I all the remaining items we wanted calling these gifts our bonus.  Goodness, what a lady!

My crew knew what to do.  It was 4 p.m. when I asked all if they could stay and help move the final items from a few rooms to the garage, they all said a resounding, yes!  I was and am a privileged boss to have such a grand crew!

I began packing items in the living and dining rooms.  The men carried items from the basement and lower family room to the garage.  Then gathered a few items on the split level upper bedrooms.  Then carried a few items from the first floor family, living and dining rooms to the garage.

While they gathered and carried, one of my workers, Jeremy mentioned a kind gentleman Rick, who helped me out of a similar fix a few months back. When I called him, he stated he was just about to put steaks on the grill, but would gladly help with his truck and trailer.  He arrived by 5:30 with his wonderful wife Carrie.  Most everything was in the garage, hence he and she placed items in his trailer with the help of the crew. By 7 p.m. we finished!

I paid each of my workers a bonus for their extra hours and Rick the money the clean-out crew would have earned.

I’m surrounded by grand-grand workers who have become friends!  Friends who understand what I need without hesitation.

What a treat this business has become, for me and all we help.

I just love it!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015