Thoughts Become Things

Often times, I’m asked how did you do that?  Or what do you differently than I, to accomplish what you have accomplished?

Here’s a story of something that’s been unfolding over the past three plus years. A young man, Brian, came to one of my sales in 2013 or 2014, asking questions of what’s good to buy to resale.  Since I believe that there’s enough for everyone, I informed him of several items that might turn a profit.  In so doing, he returned many times to buy from my sales and now works for me.

Over the past few years, we’ve chatted of how the universal energies take over the `how’ when we have a new goal to reach or something we want to purchase and haven’t a clue of where the money will come from.

I know that the `how’ is present in the ether’s and yet often elusive to we mere humans.

This kind young man has often stated he wants to begin his own estate sale business, of which I continue to encourage and teach him how to help clients during the process.

Over the years he’s told me that when he mentioned to other estate sale companies, that Victoria is helping him learn about the business, they exclaim…why would she teach you her business?  That will only take away from her.  Not true….

I’ve taught him that there’s enough for everyone no matter what business you’re in.

It is so.

Recently, a young man visited my eldest son at my home at which time we all chatted of metaphysics and the powers that BE.  The young man mentioned consciousness and the subconscious wondering what it’s all about.  When finally I stated my thought….

We are conscious when we wake – but are we awake while conscious?

Most go through life conscious – but not awake to what is.

To me, the what is…is awareness within the awake state.  I’ve taught Brian to be aware and he has listened.  He’s learning to trust in universal energies and that the powers that BE almost magically catapult us forward when we’re in line with our goals.

He’s paid close attention so much so, that now he’s rented a store front on Clayton Road and calls it The Brass Alligator opening this week!

There’s more to our awake state.

Listen, hear between the lines to full awareness.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015



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