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Estate Sales Made Easy – A Practical Guide to Success from Start to Finish.  Available for pre-order at these and other fine booksellers:

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Estate Sales Made Easy

++++ESTATE SALES MADE EASY NEW COVER-MAINEstate Sales Made Easy – A Practical Guide to Success from Start to Finish!  (August 15, 2017)  Buy NOW! from Hay House

Estate Sales Made Easy – is for everyone! We will all have to handle a loved one passing or we may scale down. How do I handle this or how do I scale down? My book teaches you the who, what, when and how to take care of this tedious task. Online and at all fine bookstores.

From the initial search for clients to setup to day of sale to take down, experienced estate sale manager and founder of Estate Sales by Victoria, Victoria Gray, guides you through what it takes to become an estate sale manager. With a thorough exploration of the legal, financial, familial, and business issues, Gray lays out the nuts and bolts of an estate sale in an efficient, no-nonsense manner, yet with a sensitivity to emotions that might arise during the process. Gray also delves into the spiritual energy that she has sensed in different houses throughout her over 25 years in the business.

With insightful tips and an easy-to-follow process, you will be equipped to tackle your first estate sale with little fuss and a full sense of preparation.

Victoria Zane came to Victoria in the form of a dream November 3rd, 1995, that brought forth actual fac

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And paperback

ts about Henry Ford and set the time period of 1904. Within a week she asked her daughter Rachel, to pick up some bios of Mr. Ford at the local library, which she did. Then after reading them, she realized what was sent to her was in fact true! Amazingly, since she hadn’t ever researched him before this time to retain these facts.

Through this detailed dream, Victoria met Henry Ford who showed her his first car and his first plant.  The dream house also turned out to look just like Henry Ford’s first home, the windows, the porch, the etched front door etc!

Victoria journeys west with a group of Irish immigrants. While traveling all are trapped in a strange massacre. She escapes believing she’s the only survivor, which draws her into a fifteen year mystery of who-done-it and what really happened.

Victoria amasses a vast fortune as the mystery unfolds.  Plus romance gifts her ever so briefly, then eludes her for years until…..

Victoria becomes a pillar among women, enabling women to find a place among men.