Who startled sweet little Edmond????

edmond-11-22-16-new-coatMonday, November 7th, I had the privilege to babysit my dear mild-mannered grandson Edmond, who beams sweet smiles when first we meet.  By noon, I fed and changed him plus I brought and set up a playpen in a small bedroom, at an estate I worked on, for a sale the following week.  He seemed unsettled in there when I laid him down for a nap.  After an hour or so, he gave in to a half hour nap.  When he woke, he screamed as though he’d been startled by something, however I was the only one on that floor.  Could it have been the 95-year old lady that recently died, checking on him while I worked?   I know not.

After calming his uneasiness, I carried him to the basement to instruct my workers on where I needed a table or other pieces to reside for the sale, always making sure sharp edges are out of the walk ways.  I held Edmond facing out like he likes on my right hip, with my right arm across his front.  He likes to know what’s happening!

As I walked to the right of the basement steps he let out a startled, high pitched scream, shaking in the wake!  I turned him around facing me to caress and calm him, which happily he did so rather quickly.   I entered the room just beyond to the right where he was calm and peaceful, however upon turning around to leave the room to walk past the same area where he screeched, the same scenario happened.

I knew he saw something, someone.

Within my many years of self education via many metaphysical, spiritual and angelic books, I knew there was definitely something more there, than the naked eye could see! I knew in my heart, either the lady that just passed or her husband that passed many years before, may have been there.  I quickly placed Edmond in his car seat, grabbed my camera and took photos of the location, from entering the back right room and then back out.  I made sure Edmond never went to that area again.

What I saw when I returned home to view the pictures, was indeed an orb of white light on the brown solid wood door.  There was nothing there that my flash could have hit off of to create it!  I’ve researched orbs many times, this was indeed an orb and not a flash of light.

I told his mother, Ashley about what transpired, she said mom, do you notice how he looks beyond you, I and others when we hold him? 

Yes, always. I think he sees someone from beyond.  Do you?

She replied yes, I do mom.  It’s odd, but I think, because he’s just recently on this side ‘others’ maybe coax him or guide him from beyond. 

Maybe papa helps him. 

But papa wouldn’t scare him. 

True, papa never would scare little bits.  It seems ‘others’ must come through to new babies and parents etc. in tune, that notice what is. 

We agreed before he was born, to pay attention to what he says and does.  Little ones often have invisible friends, however many parents aren’t privy to the reality of what is, within that situation.  There’s just so much more to understand, thus by paying close attention we might gain a better understanding from our new little ones.

All that day and a few of the other set-up days, I felt a lady with short grey hair always on  my left side, at my shoulder.  I saw a small framed lady of perhaps 5′ or so.  She seemed to just hang around to view what I was up to.  I never felt afraid, just a peaceful calm exuded from her.

Two days after the sale, I informed the daughter of seeing this lady asking if in fact her mother was short.

Oh yes, she was 5’1″ in her heyday and 5′ at the end.  She did have short grey hair and was very kind.  The three of us kids never heard a harsh word from her mouth.  She never cursed or even raised her voice at us.

I felt it was your mother, but of course, I never saw a picture till the last day of the sale, via a male neighbor.  He too, said all the neighbors enjoyed her company and really liked her.  He added that he’d make sure she came to the yearly neighborhood parties, stating that she liked them as much as they liked her.  What a treat it is to know kind gentle people.

I’ll pay close attention to what Edmond says and does.  I wish he could have talked at that moment, to tell me what he saw.  At least now at 5.5 months he says da-da, so he’s beginning to talk.  He chitter-chatters all the time just before napping.  Who knows what we’ll learn from him, just by listening.

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Winners stay focused!

I purchased a used book from my last estate sale titled, You Can You Will by Joel Osteen.  Within the pages I read this morn, I jotted notes of what I need to do to enable me to do more!  To win as winners do!

All of us are busy, no doubt.  However the key to success is staying focused.  The book encourages one and all to place a picture of what you want in full view throughout your home, office, vehicle, wherever you’ll see it daily.

He mentioned Jim Carey, writing a $10,000,000 check to himself for services rendered at a time when Mr. Carey drove an old car up the mountaintop to overlook Los Angeles.  It took several years of constant focus to bring about that ultimate goal for Jim Cary, but he certainly did it!

You Can You Will stated too, that if a friend, family member, work acquaintance wants you to do things their way, thus squelching your dreams, let them go!

My youngest, Ashley and I were chatting this morning as she drove to work, hands free of course, stating I’m amazed at how people just drive to work without taking a new lane, never going for the new opportunity.  I added that is how you move forward faster, by always seizing that moment of aha, taking you so much further than your peers.  It’s just the way Universal law works.  She concurred.

Within my years of learned wisdom I too stated a similar example.  I had a lady acquaintance for fifteen-years that pushed, nudged and tried to shove me to do certain things her way.  I fought her subconsciously all along, rarely doing what she wanted because I knew in my heart, her limiting dreams were not my dreams.

When I purchase a new car in 2014, she wanted to ride in it.  I took her for a spin when she asked how do you do this?  You have four kids too and no husband.  I knew all along what the difference was.  It was and is how I think.  When I want something, I put out my feelers, researching my goal, printing or sketching out the pictures in my mind.  Not how I’m to reach it because Universal energies guide me each and every time. I calmly said well, it only takes a bit of thinking BIG, not small.  I always see the glass half full and not half empty.  Moving forward to each and every wish, dream or goal is why I’m able to achieve what I want.  But with a caveat that the Universe takes care of the how.

I had to move past this negative wall of discontent and let her go January of 2015.

When I have a lot, I share.  When the coffers are a bit low, I dream more and things magically follow the yellow brick road.

My dream, for years was to write and get paid for it.  Since my father taught me how to read and write by age 4 1/2, it’s been my delight to find pens and paper, scribbling thoughts and sketches of what this or that is to be.

January 2015, was a major turning point for me.  I decided then and there that I would follow my writing dream!  Wow!  Within the week an email arrived from a major publishing company, Hay House, announcing an author’s cruise to Alaska with five seminars along the way.  I didn’t know how I’d pay for it, but the Universe did!  I promised myself that I’d pay cash for the whole thing, including a one-week trip to visit my son Caleb in California before returning home.

Viola!  I had several large estate sales that magically paid the entire trip plus money to spend any way I desired along the way.  I was the last to speak my truth, on the last seminar day, about how I make estate sales easy for those that are left behind.  They wanted a story, which I included a story of seeing a recently departed husband, feeling his angst for the wife he left here. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBTVhYtbHeI)  Low and behold, author & coach Cheryl Richardson and the CEO of Hay House liked what I said, giving me a book deal March of 2016 with the published book out late summer of 2017!

How’s that for allowing the universe to guide me?  I never thought of a cruise to Alaska ever!  Especially on my own!  But I knew that since I loved and read all the metaphysical books from Hay House I could, that a lady they roomed me with, would also be metaphysically well read and it would be a great match! And so it was.  We remain great friends calling each sis!  Sweet!

One note I jotted when I used to clean others new homes, in my twenties, read like this I stand in this foyer, breathing in all that is rich knowing that one day I too will build my dream home, and it is so.

I had no idea at the time that my dream home would arrive at age 45, but it did!

Even earlier, at age seventeen I met a very nice gentle man, nine years my elder who asked me out numerous times.  I hesitated because you see, I was not as worldly wise as he, which frightened me.  He drove a Mercedes, which I adored.  He kept on asking and eventually I went out with him.  We dated for about a year, off and on.  Not truly committed to him, I dated others, which he knew of.  During that year he asked me to marry him three times of which I declined.  However, I kept mentally stating I will have a Mercedes too and I’ll have it in the year 2000!  I never thought how that would happen because I was one of six children and had no college education of any kind back then.  I persevered learning a college education does not necessarily make one rich.  But seeking a goal, moving towards it, does!  I bought my first Mercedes January 2000!  I now own my third Mercedes.

Magic, yes!

Universal energies at work even though we may not realize it.  Indeed!

There’s many many examples of how staying focused, caused me to reach goals and dreams all of which are in The Secret of A Widows Vision….the vision from within.  It’s my intention that Hay House will publish this as well.  (I just need to send in my book proposal and let the magic begin again!)

Stay focused…..to win!

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A very interesting day….afternoon…

As I drove down the lane and away from meeting Lady H, I decided to view a 2-story Historic home now active as a store of new and recycled home furnishings.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a jovial kind lady of 70-years.  As I entered another room in the house another employee lady introduced herself to me too!  As things unfurled I introduced myself as well.  The first lady noted the sign on my car, Estate Sales by Victoria asking various questions.  All three of us intertwined brief stories of items we liked and a bit of what I do to help others when a relative passes or scales down.  They were intrigued.

I, of course, excitedly told them of my book, Estate Sales Made Easy and that a major U.S. publisher, Hay House awarded me their confidence to publish my book with a contract, a radio show, an eBook and a live webinar to kick things off.  The hard copy to come a bit later.

When I told them that I see and feel `things’ within my many 27-years of handling estate sales, the second lady told me they have a spirit there.  Quickly, I said, don’t tell me anything you may know about the spirit.  I’ll look around to see if I feel anything at all.

Sure enough as I walked up the old 1850’s wood staircase to the landing, my stomach began to fidget!  I continued.  The stairs took a sharp right upward to the long hall with bedrooms on either side and ends.  I shopped around continually feeling – a worried soul- is here.

When I entered the final long bedroom that stretched from the front of the home to the back, I knew the spirit was there and felt worried about something.  I became more fidgety.  I was not afraid, but felt it’s angst.  For or over what, I knew not.

After looking about a bit more, I descended the staircase walking into the back room where I entered and met the second lady there, telling her what I felt.

She said, it’s always at the landing that people feel something and often turn around without shopping more.  She wished she felt something, but never has.  She told me they learned a murder happened in the large room that stretched from the front and to the back of the house.  The same room I felt the extreme worried feeling in.  And that a woman and child were left behind when her husband was killed.

Did I receive the worried feeling from the mother who with her child perhaps were hidding in a closet when the murder occurred?  Did she feel she and her child would be next?  I’m sure she did.

Amazing, as I descended the stairs my stomach started to settle down.

I will have to research to see if an old newspaper houses that story.

I love when these connections take place.

Always pay attention….it’s so intriguing!

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A very interesting day!

Monday morn, April 11, began like all my mornings….

While a cup of Earl Grey tea by Twinning’s brew’s, I jog around my first floor 5 to 6 times.  When brewed to my expectations, I ascend the steps carefully steadying the cup to save every delicious morsel.  Walk into my bedroom to a cozy Queen Anne soft red settee for a bit of journaling in the morning sun.  After an hour, I jump into the shower etc. etc.

By 10 I arrived at an estate appointment to chat with the lady owner and to view the contents for a possible sale in June.  Lady H. opened the door and immediately hugged me!  (I’d never met her before our phone call two weeks prior.)  Then as quickly as she hugged me, she let go and began showing me her well groomed first floor and lower level rooms.  We sat to chat, then upstairs to go over the contract when she received a phone call concerning her garbage disposal.  To this point she hadn’t told me anything of her family at all, however she stated she was to move to Naples, Fl.

Her conversation of the disposal with Sears ended with an appointment the following day to fix it.  I didn’t want to appear nosy, but I felt I needed to check the reset button and asked if I could.  She knew nothing of it.  I knelt down, pushed the button and asked for something to grind up.  I threw in a number of crackers and viola!  It worked!

I stood and again, she hugged me, but this time it was a bear hug, which unearthed a multitude of tears from her trembling 85-year old, thin frame.  I wondered if she recently lost her husband and asked if he had. Yes, he died in January, she said and then added, I don’t have anyone here anymore.  I don’t have anyone.  She continued to hug me.  It was sweet, but awkward.  The hug literally lasted three to four minutes.

Once she released her hold, she never apologized for the awkwardness of it all.

I felt special somehow and glad I could help.

Again, knowing nothing of why she chose Naples, Fl, I `felt’ she was to live with or near her son.  Why the son?  I just had a feeling.

She looked at me stunned and said, why yes, how did you know?

I blurted out, I just felt it.

Again, she hugged me.  I presumed for the fortuitousness or providence of the day.

We stepped into the very tidy garage.  Again, something nudged me from within…ask if she has a real estate agent…so I did!

Well, she began, I spoke to a man who said he could liquidate my estate, sell my villa and get rid of what’s leftover after the sale.  He could do it all.

I knew in my heart it was a broker in her area that is known for his shyster-ness way’s…is that a word?  I told her I didn’t want to talk badly of anyone, however he has handled estate sales in the past, sold items to customers who needed to pick up their item/s later and never responded to their calls.  Stole their money and went on to the next sale.  He is no longer allowed on the online estate sales links.  I had to tell her and did.

Again she hugged me, but this time said, I think you were sent to me today, from above.

I nodded in agreement with a promise to return when she needed my assistance.

I drove away with a wonderful feeling of worth to another.

Help others…..

Grand indeed is that feeling!

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New beginnings….

How many times have we all began again?

Today, March 27, 2016 is my 64th birthday!  I’m beginning a new career side by side with my 27-year estate sale career and proud of it!  (Hmm….27 also equals 9, interesting!)

Yesterday, I woke with this brief poetic thought and jotted it down.

At sixty-three, I’ve come full circle. Thus when added together 63-equals nine.  (Within numerology’s sphere, nine is a full circle of representation.)

At sixty-four, which equals ten – I’m beginning again!

To be sure, I’m beginning again!

Last year, at sixty-three, I decided then and there that this was my year!

I’ve raised and nurtured my babies to adulthood and now it was certainly time for Mom to become whom she wished and longed to be all this years!

A published author!

I set aside old acquaintances that drained my positive energies.  This one simple step opened my energetic writing field to new heights!

I saw a notice from Hay House for the Speak, Write and Promote author seminars and jumped on it!  It was a cruise to Alaska, a cruise I never thought of taking, but I took it!

Leading up to the August 2015 cruise, I tenaciously sat at my computer early each morn, to write.  This was after I gathered all of my sixty-five hand written journals. Twenty-years of thoughts for various books titled in the headings.  These, I combed through locating all written words for a book I call The Secret of a Widows Vision – The Vision from within.

These notes are all moments in time, when the grand Universal energies synchronistically connected my thoughts and desires to events, that blended all I wanted and or needed at that time.  The `how’ I rarely questioned and now never do.  The powers-that-be knows exactly what and when I should do this or that.

I just allow the journey.

For six months I organized each synchronistic thought into a chronological blend of energy.  I thought….this book was the one that might catapult my publishing deal.

However, the grand Universe knew otherwise!

Over the week long cruise to three ports of call to and from Alaska, five seminars were in place for aspiring and already self-published authors to learn the `how-to’ get it done process.  Very inspiring and thought provoking!

I so wanted to speak my truth, however the powers-that-be knew better.  Four seminars came and went.  I honed my intro.  Would I get to speak my truth?

The final session was upon us.  I raised my hand to speak and glory be, I was called upon!

Before me stood another lady, speaking her truth at the microphone.  She, however didn’t wish to change her title so that others would know what the book was about.  This was requested by the CEO of Hay House.  No, she stood firm in her conviction.  I still don’t recall the title.

My turn.  I will certainly take all suggestions, I thought, from the CEO, Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson-live coach, authors.

Intro:  Hi, my name is Victoria Gray.  Over the past 26-years I’ve handled estate sales in and around St. Louis and the surrounding areas.  I make estate sales easy for those that are left behind.

Cheryl stopped me, turned to Reid and said, perfect!  Right?  He nodded in agreement.

I was ecstatic!  I had all week to hone my intro and now they loved it!

All were asked to raise their hands if they understood what Victoria does.  All raised their hands.  I did it!

Simple, you think?  No, not at all.  When a new beginning is intended, extreme intention and thought must be at the fore.  It just must.

Questions abounded from Reid and Cheryl.  Fortunately and just prior to taking the stand, I asked a new friend, Gloria, to take notes since I knew I’d forget most that was stated. She took great legible notes!

Reid added, wouldn’t it be great if you could tell stories and add pictures of your sales.  Can you tell us one?

Sure, I told one about seeing an entity and knew it was the husband.  It’s detailed within a blog here entitled Entities & Orbs.

I rattled it off and all sighed.  Reid asked, can you recall other stories?  Yes, I have 65-journals to date that house the stories.  He almost jumped off his stool with excitement as I recall, of which others stated the same at dinner that evening.

He asked too, do you have any pictures?  Do you have a following?

Oh yes.  I take pictures of every sale.  And I have over 20,000 estate sale followers.

What a great platform, they both exclaimed!

Cheryl, chimed in….you need to begin blogging of such and you need a website for Victoria Gray.  I stated I have a site for estate sales, but would certainly create another.

She added, you help so many.  I think you need an assistant to help you, you’re so busy!

Yes, busy with the business of helping others ease the angst of what-to-do with aunt Harriet’s items and helping me at the same time.

We all left excited, carrying a host of items to follow for our book submissions.

Diligently, I created a forty-page submission.  A 7-minute video and finished adding stories to a book I created over ten years ago titled Estate Sales Made Easy.  Sending all in on January 16th, three weeks before the February 8th deadline.

Would they publish me?  Time marched on.  I continued my estate sales excited to know who won the publishing contract.

March 8th, 6 a.m. I woke excitedly.  I checked the Facebook page for an update.  No update of who won.  By 10 a.m. I spoke at a real estate office of approximately fifty-people of estate sales and how my crew and I have helped thousands of families over the past 26-years, answering many questions along the way.

Fifteen minutes later, I sat down to listen, however something told me to check my email and text.  Lo and behold I received a text from an out of state number to please call it.  I wrote back, I’m in a meeting, what does it concern?  I receive many out of state calls from family members for sales.  I then opened my emails and found one from Cheryl Richardson.

I was the winner!!!  A radio show, a live webinar and an ebook soon to come to promote my book, Estate Sales Made Easy.  Hard copy to come later.

I never even spoke of The Secret of a Widows Vision….I didn’t care!

I won!!!

New beginnings, indeed!

Full circle, absolutely!

Change your path!

Do what you want!

The Universe is listening….

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Because I can

Blog large 300 dpi Victoria in Alaska-Estate Sales Made Easy-Cheryl Richardson and Victoria 8-2015

Since the beginning of time, women have been suppressed.  No doubt about that.

We plan out our strategies.  What will we do next to make our lives happier, safer and more peaceful?

The attitude, because I can, is something I’ve said often and live by.  Freeing and changing any suppression I may have previously had.

Monday, March 7th, I journaled this memory….

When I built my first house in 1997 and before we moved, my daughter Rachel, had a final party at my very nice 1950’s brick ranch.  Within that party a woman from a former church my family used to attend asked this puzzling question.  This house is so beautiful.  Why would you want to move?

My answer, because I can! 

When I calmly and matter-of-factly blurted that out, I felt exuberant.  Thinking, of course I can!  Why not?

Freeing this no-longer-suppressed-woman to accomplish whatever I desired!

Everyone can, if first we dream!  Then move forward building on that dream!

A dream of mine came true just this past Tuesday, March 8th!

I’ve been journaling for 20-years tenaciously every morning, creating 66 journals to date.  Within these pages spawned several books.  One of which is titled Estate Sales Made Easy, which is based on a 27-year business I own and run.

I attended five seminars for aspiring authors, from the Hay House publishing Alaskan cruise contest, August, 2015.  What an fabulous cruise aboard the Holland America, Noordam.  Then after submitting all the required information and a video for Estate Sales Made Easy to Hay House, I learned Tuesday, that I’m the one they chose to publish!  They added – “We’d like to publish your ebook, and have you do a radio show and live web event. “

Wow!  How’s that for thinking and writing, because I can!


Author Florence Scovel Shinn wrote a book titled The Game of Life, December 1925.  What an excellent read!  Full of her wisdom!  Here’s a few excerpts I live by.

“I now dig my ditches deep with faith and understanding and my heart’s desire comes to pass in a surprising way.”

“You attract the things you give a great deal of thought to.”

“I have seen the law work in the most astonishing manner. For example: A student stated that it was necessary for her to have a hundred dollars by the following day. It was a debt of vital importance which had to be met. I “spoke the word,” declaring, Spirit was “never too late,” and that the supply was at hand.  That evening she phoned me of the miracle. She said that the thought came to her to go to her safe-deposit box at the bank to examine some papers. She looked over the papers, and at the bottom of the box, was a new one hundred dollar bill. She was astounded, and said she knew she had never put it there, for she had gone through the papers many times. It may have been a materialization, as Jesus Christ materialized the loaves and fishes. Man will reach the stage where his “word is made flesh,” or materialized, instantly. “The fields, ripe with the harvest,” will manifest immediately, as in all of the miracles of Jesus Christ.”

“Getting into the spiritual swing of things is no easy matter for the average person. The adverse thoughts of doubt and fear surge from the subconscious. They are the “army of the aliens” which must be put to flight. This explains why it is so often, “darkest before the dawn.”

“When a student is able to let go of his problem (cast his burden) he will have instantaneous manifestation.”


I spoke and wrote the word of authoring my books with a huge publishing company of which many sloughed it off as if silently saying, yah sure.  But that old fire inside kept saying….because I can!  And so it is!

Follow your dreams….because YOU can!

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WWII – Memories & Orbs

Last weekend I handled another wonderful estate sale.  Approximately 300 customers attended each of the two sale days.  The rooms filled with smiles, oohs and aahs as persons picked up this or that to purchase.  By 1 p.m. a kind gentle man of 88-years, who visits my sales often sat in a chair across from my checkout table.  His smile reminded me of my precious father, Victor, now gone.  Mr. Bob exudes the same vim, vigor and kindness my father had, which makes me feel my fathers presence.

Soon Bob began telling me stories of his time in the Navy during 1947-1948 in the Marshall Islands.  I jotted notes as his stories unfolded.  He spoke of  Kawajlein, Bikini Atoll, Likjep and other islands where nuclear weapon tests took place and how when one private in the same area spoke way too much and was escorted back to the US.  Bob sat silent, later learning the man who listened was there specifically to learn which men divulged info and who didn’t. He mentioned too, that many mornings his shoes were under water when the tide was up.  It was extremely interesting and caused me to reread part of The Ankle Express, a book I wrote about my father’s equally interesting Navy life.ANKLE EXPRESS BOOK COVER

My father’s Navy years from 1942-1944 as an armed guard aboard Merchant Marine carriers are shared in the book. His stories in the Solomon Islands, the European and Pacific theater’s, Australia and other ports of call are amazing! One of which included the Blitz while in Hull, England.  (Check out my Books page.)

Switching gears…..It’s amazing how life on the other side comes through.

When my father is with me, I see a gnat swirling around my face.  I know dad is there.  (Others, I’m told, see familiar signs specific to them and know a family member is with them too.) This day I saw the gnat only while Bob spoke of the Navy.  It made me mist up and wonder if others appreciate Bob’s stories as much as I do.  Bob was even amazed and thanked me for listening.  It was my pleasure without a doubt! I wonder too, how many diligently listened to my father’s stories perhaps as he cut their hair at his barber shop.  At any rate, his stories will never be forgotten, since I wrote his life history covering 385 pages.  He was so pleased one of his children took the time to interview him and completed the book before his last month on earth.  I salute you my precious father and Bob.  Keep those stories coming!

Also at this home….in a few pictures were many orbs!  In a conversation with the widower I told him of the photos and asked if his wife worked at that table, knowing she sewed.  One photo was of the large oval dining room table, which housed at least twenty orbs.   When this photo was taken I had no lights on nor were the window curtains open.  He paused looking at the table and somberly said, we had so many wonderful family dinners there with the kids and grand-kids.  Later LOTS OF ORBS ON TABLE he asked if I’d send he and his son the pictures via email.  Well, of course I said yes.

Later as I toured the slew of pictures I took for the sale, I saw orbs also over the twin beds in the basement.  A place where TWIN BEDS WITH ORBS!!!!!family often stayed when visiting, I was told.

I sent both pictures over.  The orbs are very visible and abound in both photos.

The son tells his father often, he sees things too, at his own home and will enjoy the pictures, stating how interesting it is to know his late wife and mother of his children was there.

So pay attention and tell your stories.  People really do want to hear or read them.

Who knows maybe one of your pictures shows a relatives orbs.

Check it out!

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Thought – the seed the subconscious waters

Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison etc. their life paths certainly show us how thoughts become reality.

My father, Wm. Victor Gray – a barber aboard ship and fresh out of the Navy took a barber course to further his knowledge.

Could he make it as a barber?  He certainly enjoyed it.

His brother Evert did, then perhaps I can too, dad thought.

His thought created the desire to learn more and to move within that thought-desire.

Subconsciously dad thought he could, thus this thought-action spawned the course. After graduation, this course inspired him to first obtain a job at his brother Evert’s 9-chair shop in the Hampton Village area in St. Louis, MO. There dad met Stan Musial cutting his and his son Dickie’s hair often.

Again, thought spurred dad to open his own barber shop on the corner of Concord Village Rd and S. Lindbergh on the second floor above a grocery store. Sure at first he was hesitant to branch out since by that time he had married and the second child, Victoria, was on the way. But he soldiered on!

This location was great, but soon he outgrew it. Dad saw and heard the men sitting on the stairs to the barber shop, telling jokes and laughing while awaiting for their turn. The location was great but he knew he had to locate a larger place.

He scouted out various places to begin his next shop, finding a building on the corner of S. Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry. When he spoke to the previous renter, also a barber, the man said he couldn’t make a go of it there and he was the third barber that moved out!

Hmm dad pondered should I take it or not?  The location was perfect! At a busy intersection. He wondered why his predecessors failed to succeed.

He heard a little voice spur him on. Go ahead, give it a try! You never fail when you try.

He listened and opened his barber shop with just he as the barber.  Within three months he had to hire another barber and within another three months yet another barber was hired.  Here he met and cut Whitey Herzog’s hair and others from the team.

His thought-desire became a roaring barber business of which he never stopped till age eighty-one.

He told me the walls roared with jokes and laughter. He said Honey, I’ve had the best job anyone could have ever wished for! Before I knew it the day was over and I had a blast!

He added, I got what I asked for!IMG_8128

So listen to your thought and dreams. That’s where your inspiration and desire come from. Act on it and see what dreams are fulfilled…by thought.

Thoughts are powerful when listened to!

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015

PS…you might want to read an excerpt from A Widows Vision (on this site) and see how thoughts became things for me, too!

The Eyes say it all!

A few weeks ago I moved back to my beautiful 8-year old home.  After testing out a condo and living with my youngest daughter (who by-the-way is to have my first grandchild!  I’m sooo pleased!) I decided to return to it.  We’ve tried to sell it, but the Universal energies knows `the when’ that will take place.

For now, I’m here!

Thus on January 14th, I decided after 3-weeks of sleeping on a small cot, I had enough of back aches!  I’d researched new mattress sets and went to The Bed Store once again where I’d purchased my previous well-liked set.

They had a special on the one I liked and I ordered it!  I expected them to deliver it the following week, however the powers-that-be knew better!  They delivered it the following day!

Ok, so why the title The Eyes say it all?  Well, while I sat at the counter for the final paperwork, I noted a 4-part picture of children.  The only person there was a man named Tim who sold me the set and stated that he’s been working alone for a while due to few good workers.

I asked if he had four children and added, I see the top two pictures are of the same girl but I feel you have four children.  He paused from the paperwork, looked up with a puzzled stare.  Well….Yes, I would have four live children….but my daughter Grace died last year at the age of nine from cancer.

I almost wished I hadn’t asked as I could tell it was hard for him to talk about it.  But I felt the girl’s eyes told me to.  It’s weird, but true.

He said its just been recently that he can talk about it and feels its good to do so.

The odd thing he thought was why did I ask if he had four children when clearly the pictures were of only three.

I said I just felt it from her eyes.

He then pulled out a photo of a baby boy four months old.  That boys eyes told me and I said this out loud, Oh, he will speak early!

Tim looked at me amazed and said, yes at two months he said momma.

I knew it!  That little boys eyes were so vivid I felt he came in to replace the sadness of his sisters passing.  Nothing ever replaces the loss of a child, but a new baby certainly keeps the mind full of other thoughts, thus in a way, aides with the parents loss.

I told Tim to pay attention to what he says because all the things I’ve read and learned about spirituality has taught me that the young ones are closest to where they just came from and can enlighten an observant parent.

I wish I’d known of this option when my babies were little.  I would have written down everything the little ones said from day to day.  Yes, I’ve written many things down as they grew but I didn’t have the knowledge of something more.

A few weeks back a new male acquaintance showed me a picture of his white 120-lb dog.  It’s eyes too spoke to me!  I knew my father’s eyes were talking to me through this dog.  Uncanny, yes, but I knew dad was coming back soon to the family.  Then I learned my girl was pregnant with a boy and is to name him Victor, my fathers name.  She and all my four babies were close to their papa!  Hmm this will be interesting!

I will pay attention!


When my father left his earthly life on August 20, 2012, I began chatting with him through meditative thought transference, typing questions to him and answers from him that transpired.  This information has turned into a book entitled Life After Life with Dad- soon to be published.  Here is an excerpt from it:

Dad: You see, honey there’s throngs of people already here. It’s amazing! I’ve seen my loved ones in this spirit life. They tell me I’m to encourage other spirits to enlist, yes enlist to go to earth as a physical being to see what that’s like. But you know honey; many don’t want to experience that.

Me: Really, why not?

Dad: It’s like this and I’m new at this so bare with me. You see it’s so wonderful here, so peaceful and on earth I had to work like the dickens to feed my family. But here there’s no physical food, just a peace and serenity that surrounds us. We take in a euphoric type of food that sustains and maintains the spirit. Physical people like you and my other babies have to have physical food to sustain life; here we just take it all in.

V: Oh, so many don’t want to become a physical being because it’s a great deal of work?

D: Exactly!

Me: Where’s here?

Dad: Honey, it’s just a different space. There’s no up here and down there. It’s just a being place. Yes, that’s it. A being place of knowledge. The energy is the knowledge that we all have but on earth are blocked because of all the vast array of people’s energies pulling each of us in many directions. Like the great masters throughout time. Those men and women are those that saw beyond what all or the masses see while on earth. They saw a different thought process, which enabled them to speak to the masses either on a platform like Patrick Henry or in a book of verse. No one person on earth that spoke on these platforms saw things as the masses did and do. They spoke to help the masses see beyond what is on earth. Earth is just a place to learn for the afterlife. It’s just an experience that spirits chose to enlist for. There’s a saying on earth that those enlightened ones say, we are not earthly beings having a spiritual experience but spirit beings having an earthly experience.

Me: I see, so those here on earth that seem to have some special knowledge and share with us, these ones I guess have carried over perhaps thoughts from the spirit life? Is that it?

Dad: Well, sort of. Few adults recall anything from here. But little ones always do, however they can’t speak it until they’ve been almost indoctrinated by their parents who were indoctrinated by their parents. These parents, all well and good try to teach the children what they know and what they were taught. Do you see why so many live their lives in one religion because that’s what they were taught?

Me: Yes, I see.

Dad: If only they would open their minds to hear just hear what others say, they would have a much better existence on earth.


Clearly there’s much more, but dad mentioned little ones, which I thought pertinent to this blog.

We must pay attention to what our little ones say when they first begin to chatter.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015

Victoria age 10 months oval pic 1-22-16

Move – Change – Grow

I jotted a note back on November 4th, this year while chatting with my eldest daughter, Rachel.  She stated if we don’t move, we don’t change and if we don’t change we don’t and won’t grow.

Think about those three words.

Move….Google.com’s meaning is this:

  • go in a specified direction or manner; change position
  • change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another
    to progress or develop in a particular way

Other definitions are similar in aspect.

I’ve moved to a different beat my entire life.  When others went straight I turned right or left.  When some said follow I forged past the followers.  I just wanted to move forward.

Sitting on my father’s lap from age four he taught me how to read and write fully by 4 1/2.  Victoria Suzzanne Gray at age 4 copyIt’s a funny thing, somehow since that time I’ve absolutely loved paper, pencils and pens and now forward thirty plus years the advent of the William Victor Gray in a suitpersonal computer is also in my `love’ to have section. (Dad’s 34 and I’m 4.)

Thoughts roll through this head everyday and absolutely every morning upon waking.  What should I write about today?  Currently, I’m working on a book submission to Hay House.  Thus all my waking moments since returning from an Alaskan `authors cruise seminar’ in August, I and many from the cruise are diligently working to improve our lives via the printed page.

Change….During this life’s stint, raising four children basically alone most of the time, working 14-16 hours per day raising a business from the ground up, writing within all off hours after of course cleaning the house, the clothes and my sweet babies.  Change has been a constant.  Something I must say, I excite over each and every change and move that takes place.  That saying, don’t let the grass grow under your feet, has never applied to this lady!

Grow….With each and every new turn throughout my journey, growth has certainly been at the forefront.

If not for growth, to me, nothing would ever rise to, what is known as human perfection, such as it is.  Nothing as we know it would have been created nor built without growth.  Knowledge is where the growth comes from for me anyway, which pushes me further every single day.

Without those that came before, forging new paths and the next one layering on top of that path, nothing would ever change nor come forth into being.

The 1800 and 1900’s saw extreme forethought and massive creation bubble forth.

Late 1900’s early 2000’s have brought forth the same but in a more silent electronic manner.  All creation is intellectual, without a doubt.  However these new growth points, in recent years, have created less kindness of matter and more hatred fuels the base.  This is unwanted by me and most.

For me growth is the power of the mind.  How I create, how I share, how I help others is fueled by the existential growth of worldly knowledge.

Let’s all move – change – grow with a mind of thankfulness, kindness and grace.  Helping one another to fulfill each ones contribution to this life.

Remember, this is where you and I are at this time in space.  Use it to the fullest extent to help others move – change – grow exponentially.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015