Winners stay focused!

I purchased a used book from my last estate sale titled, You Can You Will by Joel Osteen.  Within the pages I read this morn, I jotted notes of what I need to do to enable me to do more!  To win as winners do!

All of us are busy, no doubt.  However the key to success is staying focused.  The book encourages one and all to place a picture of what you want in full view throughout your home, office, vehicle, wherever you’ll see it daily.

He mentioned Jim Carey, writing a $10,000,000 check to himself for services rendered at a time when Mr. Carey drove an old car up the mountaintop to overlook Los Angeles.  It took several years of constant focus to bring about that ultimate goal for Jim Cary, but he certainly did it!

You Can You Will stated too, that if a friend, family member, work acquaintance wants you to do things their way, thus squelching your dreams, let them go!

My youngest, Ashley and I were chatting this morning as she drove to work, hands free of course, stating I’m amazed at how people just drive to work without taking a new lane, never going for the new opportunity.  I added that is how you move forward faster, by always seizing that moment of aha, taking you so much further than your peers.  It’s just the way Universal law works.  She concurred.

Within my years of learned wisdom I too stated a similar example.  I had a lady acquaintance for fifteen-years that pushed, nudged and tried to shove me to do certain things her way.  I fought her subconsciously all along, rarely doing what she wanted because I knew in my heart, her limiting dreams were not my dreams.

When I purchase a new car in 2014, she wanted to ride in it.  I took her for a spin when she asked how do you do this?  You have four kids too and no husband.  I knew all along what the difference was.  It was and is how I think.  When I want something, I put out my feelers, researching my goal, printing or sketching out the pictures in my mind.  Not how I’m to reach it because Universal energies guide me each and every time. I calmly said well, it only takes a bit of thinking BIG, not small.  I always see the glass half full and not half empty.  Moving forward to each and every wish, dream or goal is why I’m able to achieve what I want.  But with a caveat that the Universe takes care of the how.

I had to move past this negative wall of discontent and let her go January of 2015.

When I have a lot, I share.  When the coffers are a bit low, I dream more and things magically follow the yellow brick road.

My dream, for years was to write and get paid for it.  Since my father taught me how to read and write by age 4 1/2, it’s been my delight to find pens and paper, scribbling thoughts and sketches of what this or that is to be.

January 2015, was a major turning point for me.  I decided then and there that I would follow my writing dream!  Wow!  Within the week an email arrived from a major publishing company, Hay House, announcing an author’s cruise to Alaska with five seminars along the way.  I didn’t know how I’d pay for it, but the Universe did!  I promised myself that I’d pay cash for the whole thing, including a one-week trip to visit my son Caleb in California before returning home.

Viola!  I had several large estate sales that magically paid the entire trip plus money to spend any way I desired along the way.  I was the last to speak my truth, on the last seminar day, about how I make estate sales easy for those that are left behind.  They wanted a story, which I included a story of seeing a recently departed husband, feeling his angst for the wife he left here. (See  Low and behold, author & coach Cheryl Richardson and the CEO of Hay House liked what I said, giving me a book deal March of 2016 with the published book out late summer of 2017!

How’s that for allowing the universe to guide me?  I never thought of a cruise to Alaska ever!  Especially on my own!  But I knew that since I loved and read all the metaphysical books from Hay House I could, that a lady they roomed me with, would also be metaphysically well read and it would be a great match! And so it was.  We remain great friends calling each sis!  Sweet!

One note I jotted when I used to clean others new homes, in my twenties, read like this I stand in this foyer, breathing in all that is rich knowing that one day I too will build my dream home, and it is so.

I had no idea at the time that my dream home would arrive at age 45, but it did!

Even earlier, at age seventeen I met a very nice gentle man, nine years my elder who asked me out numerous times.  I hesitated because you see, I was not as worldly wise as he, which frightened me.  He drove a Mercedes, which I adored.  He kept on asking and eventually I went out with him.  We dated for about a year, off and on.  Not truly committed to him, I dated others, which he knew of.  During that year he asked me to marry him three times of which I declined.  However, I kept mentally stating I will have a Mercedes too and I’ll have it in the year 2000!  I never thought how that would happen because I was one of six children and had no college education of any kind back then.  I persevered learning a college education does not necessarily make one rich.  But seeking a goal, moving towards it, does!  I bought my first Mercedes January 2000!  I now own my third Mercedes.

Magic, yes!

Universal energies at work even though we may not realize it.  Indeed!

There’s many many examples of how staying focused, caused me to reach goals and dreams all of which are in The Secret of A Widows Vision….the vision from within.  It’s my intention that Hay House will publish this as well.  (I just need to send in my book proposal and let the magic begin again!)

Stay focused… win!

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Kindness….pays it’s way!

Last weekend at an enormous tool/estate sale a kind lady named Betty came up to the checkout table loaded with goods to purchase.

Betty, back in March of this year thanked me for my kind words within the estate sale notices.  I asked her which words she liked.  She said you always add take care or be safe and no other estate sale company ever seems to care about their customers like you do!

I pondered her words, stood up, walked around my table and hugged her for the kindness of her compliment.

I do wish everyone a safe day or be safe till we meet at the sale.  It’s just my way.  I truly love my customers.  If not for them, my sales would not enable my livelihood, nor would I know the kindnesses they gift me in return.

Some, as mentioned in a previous post, state you’re the smiling estate sale lady.…and I love it!

You see, kindness goes a long way and yes it pays it’s own way via smiles, hugs and yes even with compensation.

When a business owner gets that one special feat, the business will soar!

My father’s barber business ran the same way.  So many walked into his shop happy even though it was standing room only, till he closed it at age 81.  Often he told me, honey I have the best job ever!  We laugh and cut up all day long and I get paid for haircuts and tips.  I just love my business. Because of his wonderful thriving business, he and mom took us on 2-week road trips every year I can remember in the late 50’s till I married in 1972.  Trips included the Smokey Mountains (at least a dozen times-this was where dad and mom honeymooned), to The Wisconsin Dells, to the Rocky Mountains, to Yankee Stadium 1957, to The Royal Gorge, to Niagara Falls and so many states in between.  All from the tips he saved each year!  I didn’t know then, but it was as if we were rich!

I have four children and have paid for numerous trips as well from estate sales and previously auctions to acknowledge what a grand gift our father gave us each year and the cost it entailed.

Last weekend, Betty with her hands full of goodies, asked how much?  I told her 30-dollars, however she handed me $40.  I said here’s your change.  She promptly said oh no, you get that as a tip.  You deserve it!  I just love you and how kind you are to everyone!  No, that’s yours!

I was taken back because tips are rarely given in this business until last Sunday.  Generally, it’s a thank you at the end of the sale by the homeowners or the real estate person who referred me.  But money, is usually spent on goods.

I’m pleased, that kindness pay’s it’s way!

Please show kindness to one and all.

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A bottle of mustard

April 30th, I’d just unloaded my SUV at my youngest daughter Ashley’s home 30 miles north, after which I stopped at the local Dollar General store for supplies.

I gathered up an armful of sundries.  At the counter was a young woman of nineteen, who mentioned she had two children and works 50-hours of late.

A customer lady in front of me, 5′ 9″ or so with a young daughter in tow of 13-years, we were told, began talking about her three children ages 21, 18 and 13.  Within her ramblings and fumblings to find her credit card, I added that I have four children and am going through a tough time with my youngest son.  She chattered away about how kids are expensive and that they’re no trouble, but costly.  I certainly know that, adding that I’m a widow of almost 30-years, they sighed, saying they were sorry.  But, me, I’m not.  It’s been difficult, I stated, but overall a grand blessing and I’ve reached sixty-four with good health.

What? Sixty-four? How? Asked the customer lady.

Just at that time the pile of sundries began to fall from my grasp.  MUSTARD BOTTLE 4-30-16 FROM DOLLAR GENERAL FOR BLOGA mustard bottle, fortunately plastic, fell to the floor.  The lady picked it up noting the flip top had broken off.  The counter girl said she’d replace it.  I merely said, no worries, that flip top probably wouldn’t have been closed in the fridge properly anyway.

The lady customer looked at me and said, that right there, is how you’ve made it!

Hmm…  A mere mustard bottle made me think.  Yes, often like most, I have kinks in my life’s journey.  However, the mere fact that a mustard bottle had to remind me to find the positive from within, amazed me!

A positive prayer of thanks I hailed to the Universal energies when I settled into my car on the way home.

Positive thought, is the way I’ve managed with four now adult children throughout this journey.

All along this journey, I continually tell my children when distressed, to reach for a better thought.  It works every time!

Thank you little mustard bottle!

Reach for a better thought!

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A very interesting day!

Monday morn, April 11, began like all my mornings….

While a cup of Earl Grey tea by Twinning’s brew’s, I jog around my first floor 5 to 6 times.  When brewed to my expectations, I ascend the steps carefully steadying the cup to save every delicious morsel.  Walk into my bedroom to a cozy Queen Anne soft red settee for a bit of journaling in the morning sun.  After an hour, I jump into the shower etc. etc.

By 10 I arrived at an estate appointment to chat with the lady owner and to view the contents for a possible sale in June.  Lady H. opened the door and immediately hugged me!  (I’d never met her before our phone call two weeks prior.)  Then as quickly as she hugged me, she let go and began showing me her well groomed first floor and lower level rooms.  We sat to chat, then upstairs to go over the contract when she received a phone call concerning her garbage disposal.  To this point she hadn’t told me anything of her family at all, however she stated she was to move to Naples, Fl.

Her conversation of the disposal with Sears ended with an appointment the following day to fix it.  I didn’t want to appear nosy, but I felt I needed to check the reset button and asked if I could.  She knew nothing of it.  I knelt down, pushed the button and asked for something to grind up.  I threw in a number of crackers and viola!  It worked!

I stood and again, she hugged me, but this time it was a bear hug, which unearthed a multitude of tears from her trembling 85-year old, thin frame.  I wondered if she recently lost her husband and asked if he had. Yes, he died in January, she said and then added, I don’t have anyone here anymore.  I don’t have anyone.  She continued to hug me.  It was sweet, but awkward.  The hug literally lasted three to four minutes.

Once she released her hold, she never apologized for the awkwardness of it all.

I felt special somehow and glad I could help.

Again, knowing nothing of why she chose Naples, Fl, I `felt’ she was to live with or near her son.  Why the son?  I just had a feeling.

She looked at me stunned and said, why yes, how did you know?

I blurted out, I just felt it.

Again, she hugged me.  I presumed for the fortuitousness or providence of the day.

We stepped into the very tidy garage.  Again, something nudged me from within…ask if she has a real estate agent…so I did!

Well, she began, I spoke to a man who said he could liquidate my estate, sell my villa and get rid of what’s leftover after the sale.  He could do it all.

I knew in my heart it was a broker in her area that is known for his shyster-ness way’s…is that a word?  I told her I didn’t want to talk badly of anyone, however he has handled estate sales in the past, sold items to customers who needed to pick up their item/s later and never responded to their calls.  Stole their money and went on to the next sale.  He is no longer allowed on the online estate sales links.  I had to tell her and did.

Again she hugged me, but this time said, I think you were sent to me today, from above.

I nodded in agreement with a promise to return when she needed my assistance.

I drove away with a wonderful feeling of worth to another.

Help others…..

Grand indeed is that feeling!

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WWII – Memories & Orbs

Last weekend I handled another wonderful estate sale.  Approximately 300 customers attended each of the two sale days.  The rooms filled with smiles, oohs and aahs as persons picked up this or that to purchase.  By 1 p.m. a kind gentle man of 88-years, who visits my sales often sat in a chair across from my checkout table.  His smile reminded me of my precious father, Victor, now gone.  Mr. Bob exudes the same vim, vigor and kindness my father had, which makes me feel my fathers presence.

Soon Bob began telling me stories of his time in the Navy during 1947-1948 in the Marshall Islands.  I jotted notes as his stories unfolded.  He spoke of  Kawajlein, Bikini Atoll, Likjep and other islands where nuclear weapon tests took place and how when one private in the same area spoke way too much and was escorted back to the US.  Bob sat silent, later learning the man who listened was there specifically to learn which men divulged info and who didn’t. He mentioned too, that many mornings his shoes were under water when the tide was up.  It was extremely interesting and caused me to reread part of The Ankle Express, a book I wrote about my father’s equally interesting Navy life.ANKLE EXPRESS BOOK COVER

My father’s Navy years from 1942-1944 as an armed guard aboard Merchant Marine carriers are shared in the book. His stories in the Solomon Islands, the European and Pacific theater’s, Australia and other ports of call are amazing! One of which included the Blitz while in Hull, England.  (Check out my Books page.)

Switching gears…..It’s amazing how life on the other side comes through.

When my father is with me, I see a gnat swirling around my face.  I know dad is there.  (Others, I’m told, see familiar signs specific to them and know a family member is with them too.) This day I saw the gnat only while Bob spoke of the Navy.  It made me mist up and wonder if others appreciate Bob’s stories as much as I do.  Bob was even amazed and thanked me for listening.  It was my pleasure without a doubt! I wonder too, how many diligently listened to my father’s stories perhaps as he cut their hair at his barber shop.  At any rate, his stories will never be forgotten, since I wrote his life history covering 385 pages.  He was so pleased one of his children took the time to interview him and completed the book before his last month on earth.  I salute you my precious father and Bob.  Keep those stories coming!

Also at this home….in a few pictures were many orbs!  In a conversation with the widower I told him of the photos and asked if his wife worked at that table, knowing she sewed.  One photo was of the large oval dining room table, which housed at least twenty orbs.   When this photo was taken I had no lights on nor were the window curtains open.  He paused looking at the table and somberly said, we had so many wonderful family dinners there with the kids and grand-kids.  Later LOTS OF ORBS ON TABLE he asked if I’d send he and his son the pictures via email.  Well, of course I said yes.

Later as I toured the slew of pictures I took for the sale, I saw orbs also over the twin beds in the basement.  A place where TWIN BEDS WITH ORBS!!!!!family often stayed when visiting, I was told.

I sent both pictures over.  The orbs are very visible and abound in both photos.

The son tells his father often, he sees things too, at his own home and will enjoy the pictures, stating how interesting it is to know his late wife and mother of his children was there.

So pay attention and tell your stories.  People really do want to hear or read them.

Who knows maybe one of your pictures shows a relatives orbs.

Check it out!

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Thought – the seed the subconscious waters

Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison etc. their life paths certainly show us how thoughts become reality.

My father, Wm. Victor Gray – a barber aboard ship and fresh out of the Navy took a barber course to further his knowledge.

Could he make it as a barber?  He certainly enjoyed it.

His brother Evert did, then perhaps I can too, dad thought.

His thought created the desire to learn more and to move within that thought-desire.

Subconsciously dad thought he could, thus this thought-action spawned the course. After graduation, this course inspired him to first obtain a job at his brother Evert’s 9-chair shop in the Hampton Village area in St. Louis, MO. There dad met Stan Musial cutting his and his son Dickie’s hair often.

Again, thought spurred dad to open his own barber shop on the corner of Concord Village Rd and S. Lindbergh on the second floor above a grocery store. Sure at first he was hesitant to branch out since by that time he had married and the second child, Victoria, was on the way. But he soldiered on!

This location was great, but soon he outgrew it. Dad saw and heard the men sitting on the stairs to the barber shop, telling jokes and laughing while awaiting for their turn. The location was great but he knew he had to locate a larger place.

He scouted out various places to begin his next shop, finding a building on the corner of S. Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry. When he spoke to the previous renter, also a barber, the man said he couldn’t make a go of it there and he was the third barber that moved out!

Hmm dad pondered should I take it or not?  The location was perfect! At a busy intersection. He wondered why his predecessors failed to succeed.

He heard a little voice spur him on. Go ahead, give it a try! You never fail when you try.

He listened and opened his barber shop with just he as the barber.  Within three months he had to hire another barber and within another three months yet another barber was hired.  Here he met and cut Whitey Herzog’s hair and others from the team.

His thought-desire became a roaring barber business of which he never stopped till age eighty-one.

He told me the walls roared with jokes and laughter. He said Honey, I’ve had the best job anyone could have ever wished for! Before I knew it the day was over and I had a blast!

He added, I got what I asked for!IMG_8128

So listen to your thought and dreams. That’s where your inspiration and desire come from. Act on it and see what dreams are fulfilled…by thought.

Thoughts are powerful when listened to!

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PS…you might want to read an excerpt from A Widows Vision (on this site) and see how thoughts became things for me, too!

The Eyes say it all!

A few weeks ago I moved back to my beautiful 8-year old home.  After testing out a condo and living with my youngest daughter (who by-the-way is to have my first grandchild!  I’m sooo pleased!) I decided to return to it.  We’ve tried to sell it, but the Universal energies knows `the when’ that will take place.

For now, I’m here!

Thus on January 14th, I decided after 3-weeks of sleeping on a small cot, I had enough of back aches!  I’d researched new mattress sets and went to The Bed Store once again where I’d purchased my previous well-liked set.

They had a special on the one I liked and I ordered it!  I expected them to deliver it the following week, however the powers-that-be knew better!  They delivered it the following day!

Ok, so why the title The Eyes say it all?  Well, while I sat at the counter for the final paperwork, I noted a 4-part picture of children.  The only person there was a man named Tim who sold me the set and stated that he’s been working alone for a while due to few good workers.

I asked if he had four children and added, I see the top two pictures are of the same girl but I feel you have four children.  He paused from the paperwork, looked up with a puzzled stare.  Well….Yes, I would have four live children….but my daughter Grace died last year at the age of nine from cancer.

I almost wished I hadn’t asked as I could tell it was hard for him to talk about it.  But I felt the girl’s eyes told me to.  It’s weird, but true.

He said its just been recently that he can talk about it and feels its good to do so.

The odd thing he thought was why did I ask if he had four children when clearly the pictures were of only three.

I said I just felt it from her eyes.

He then pulled out a photo of a baby boy four months old.  That boys eyes told me and I said this out loud, Oh, he will speak early!

Tim looked at me amazed and said, yes at two months he said momma.

I knew it!  That little boys eyes were so vivid I felt he came in to replace the sadness of his sisters passing.  Nothing ever replaces the loss of a child, but a new baby certainly keeps the mind full of other thoughts, thus in a way, aides with the parents loss.

I told Tim to pay attention to what he says because all the things I’ve read and learned about spirituality has taught me that the young ones are closest to where they just came from and can enlighten an observant parent.

I wish I’d known of this option when my babies were little.  I would have written down everything the little ones said from day to day.  Yes, I’ve written many things down as they grew but I didn’t have the knowledge of something more.

A few weeks back a new male acquaintance showed me a picture of his white 120-lb dog.  It’s eyes too spoke to me!  I knew my father’s eyes were talking to me through this dog.  Uncanny, yes, but I knew dad was coming back soon to the family.  Then I learned my girl was pregnant with a boy and is to name him Victor, my fathers name.  She and all my four babies were close to their papa!  Hmm this will be interesting!

I will pay attention!


When my father left his earthly life on August 20, 2012, I began chatting with him through meditative thought transference, typing questions to him and answers from him that transpired.  This information has turned into a book entitled Life After Life with Dad- soon to be published.  Here is an excerpt from it:

Dad: You see, honey there’s throngs of people already here. It’s amazing! I’ve seen my loved ones in this spirit life. They tell me I’m to encourage other spirits to enlist, yes enlist to go to earth as a physical being to see what that’s like. But you know honey; many don’t want to experience that.

Me: Really, why not?

Dad: It’s like this and I’m new at this so bare with me. You see it’s so wonderful here, so peaceful and on earth I had to work like the dickens to feed my family. But here there’s no physical food, just a peace and serenity that surrounds us. We take in a euphoric type of food that sustains and maintains the spirit. Physical people like you and my other babies have to have physical food to sustain life; here we just take it all in.

V: Oh, so many don’t want to become a physical being because it’s a great deal of work?

D: Exactly!

Me: Where’s here?

Dad: Honey, it’s just a different space. There’s no up here and down there. It’s just a being place. Yes, that’s it. A being place of knowledge. The energy is the knowledge that we all have but on earth are blocked because of all the vast array of people’s energies pulling each of us in many directions. Like the great masters throughout time. Those men and women are those that saw beyond what all or the masses see while on earth. They saw a different thought process, which enabled them to speak to the masses either on a platform like Patrick Henry or in a book of verse. No one person on earth that spoke on these platforms saw things as the masses did and do. They spoke to help the masses see beyond what is on earth. Earth is just a place to learn for the afterlife. It’s just an experience that spirits chose to enlist for. There’s a saying on earth that those enlightened ones say, we are not earthly beings having a spiritual experience but spirit beings having an earthly experience.

Me: I see, so those here on earth that seem to have some special knowledge and share with us, these ones I guess have carried over perhaps thoughts from the spirit life? Is that it?

Dad: Well, sort of. Few adults recall anything from here. But little ones always do, however they can’t speak it until they’ve been almost indoctrinated by their parents who were indoctrinated by their parents. These parents, all well and good try to teach the children what they know and what they were taught. Do you see why so many live their lives in one religion because that’s what they were taught?

Me: Yes, I see.

Dad: If only they would open their minds to hear just hear what others say, they would have a much better existence on earth.


Clearly there’s much more, but dad mentioned little ones, which I thought pertinent to this blog.

We must pay attention to what our little ones say when they first begin to chatter.

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Victoria age 10 months oval pic 1-22-16

Climb the hills first!

In my journal, today, I found a post-it that I wrote on June 20th, 2014, which reads:

You’ll be surprised at the mountains you can climb….

IF First you climb the mere hills!

Short and sweet!

What does that mean, you ask?

During my adult years, I’ve often been asked how do you do what you do?

Generally its women that ask this question.  To me, I just take a leap of faith when there’s a hill to climb.

I never say never, which most people do.

I surmise the task at hand.  Let it run around in this ole brain.  After soul searching and research, yes research the topic, I jump in.

I’ve taught my four children that we miss the mark when we turn away from taking that leap of faith!  Failure is not in my vocab.  Sure things change at all times, that’s a given, however by never trying something, anything at least once, you’ll never know if in fact you could have mastered it!

I believe climbing a small hill prompts me further towards the mountain. After the small hill ascent, the mountains no longer appear in my minds eye as an obstacle I can’t climb.

What did Thomas Edison do with the light bulb?  He tried 10,000 times till he perfected it!  That’s no type-O.  He knew he could do it and kept forging ahead.  Aren’t we grateful for his tenacity?  Walt Disney too, went bankrupt 7-times before he made his mark!

Do not give up!

Over the past 1-1/2 years I tried something new.  During that time, I learned I like the security of my own home.  Condos are beautiful, as was mine, but people were too close and there was little to no sun!  Awful for a sun-lover!

A lady acquaintance wondered why I’d want to move from my beautiful 6-1/2 year old home.  Why, indeed!  I did my research and made sure I had renters, thus took that leap of faith!  Now, I know it’s not for me.

Because I could!

I recall back when I lived in Affton, MO during 1997 I had my lovely brick home up for sale and a woman asked me why would you move, this is gorgeous and it was.

Politely I said, because I can.  (My new 5 bedroom home was being built, which allowed all five of us to finally have separate bedrooms.)

Yes, I could and can.  Everyone can if only each one stepped out of their comfort zone, to the wild unknown, and just followed their dreams and aspirations.  Remember….the HOW is always taken care of by the mighty Universal energies that continually abound.

First: grab your dream.

Second: do your research.

Third: take that leap of faith!

Fourth: remember, failure only arrives when you ‘fail’ to try!

Surprise yourself, climb the small hill’s first!

The mountains are only mountains in ones mind because you didn’t allow small hills to layer on top of each other.  When the layering begins, mountains are no longer mountains, but just a little bit bigger hill.

Keep climbing till you reach the top!

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Move – Change – Grow

I jotted a note back on November 4th, this year while chatting with my eldest daughter, Rachel.  She stated if we don’t move, we don’t change and if we don’t change we don’t and won’t grow.

Think about those three words.

Move…’s meaning is this:

  • go in a specified direction or manner; change position
  • change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another
    to progress or develop in a particular way

Other definitions are similar in aspect.

I’ve moved to a different beat my entire life.  When others went straight I turned right or left.  When some said follow I forged past the followers.  I just wanted to move forward.

Sitting on my father’s lap from age four he taught me how to read and write fully by 4 1/2.  Victoria Suzzanne Gray at age 4 copyIt’s a funny thing, somehow since that time I’ve absolutely loved paper, pencils and pens and now forward thirty plus years the advent of the William Victor Gray in a suitpersonal computer is also in my `love’ to have section. (Dad’s 34 and I’m 4.)

Thoughts roll through this head everyday and absolutely every morning upon waking.  What should I write about today?  Currently, I’m working on a book submission to Hay House.  Thus all my waking moments since returning from an Alaskan `authors cruise seminar’ in August, I and many from the cruise are diligently working to improve our lives via the printed page.

Change….During this life’s stint, raising four children basically alone most of the time, working 14-16 hours per day raising a business from the ground up, writing within all off hours after of course cleaning the house, the clothes and my sweet babies.  Change has been a constant.  Something I must say, I excite over each and every change and move that takes place.  That saying, don’t let the grass grow under your feet, has never applied to this lady!

Grow….With each and every new turn throughout my journey, growth has certainly been at the forefront.

If not for growth, to me, nothing would ever rise to, what is known as human perfection, such as it is.  Nothing as we know it would have been created nor built without growth.  Knowledge is where the growth comes from for me anyway, which pushes me further every single day.

Without those that came before, forging new paths and the next one layering on top of that path, nothing would ever change nor come forth into being.

The 1800 and 1900’s saw extreme forethought and massive creation bubble forth.

Late 1900’s early 2000’s have brought forth the same but in a more silent electronic manner.  All creation is intellectual, without a doubt.  However these new growth points, in recent years, have created less kindness of matter and more hatred fuels the base.  This is unwanted by me and most.

For me growth is the power of the mind.  How I create, how I share, how I help others is fueled by the existential growth of worldly knowledge.

Let’s all move – change – grow with a mind of thankfulness, kindness and grace.  Helping one another to fulfill each ones contribution to this life.

Remember, this is where you and I are at this time in space.  Use it to the fullest extent to help others move – change – grow exponentially.

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Beyond Tommorrow

Saturday at midnight, channel 9 hosted a wonderful metaphysical movie.  Three elderly male spirits stayed in the ether’s, just above earth watching over a young unmarried couple in from the country – green to the ways of the city.

Overview of the movie: George Vale Melton (Harry Carey), Allan Chadwick (C. Aubrey Smith) and Michael O’Brien (Charles Winninger) are rich but lonely, so they invite a pair of strangers, schoolteacher Jean Lawrence (Jean Parker) and cowboy James Houston (Richard Carlson) to their house for dinner on Christmas Eve. Both James and Jean seem to hit it off, but the next day the three old men are killed in a plane crash. Now ghosts, the three work from the afterworld to make sure the young couple stays together.

What I found tremendously interesting, was how the writers think very similarly to me and other metaphysical persons of today. In that there are spiritual connections from those that passed from this life.

One spirit C. Aubrey Smith, was called to the light as his son, killed in WWl walked from the spiritual ether’s to him.  Oh, the thrill the father’s face reflected!  The son told his father that its so nice to finally come home where there’s never strife or turmoil.  The father asked what’s it like there?  The son said everyone gets their dream.  What do you want it to look like?  The father said I’d like to see the beautiful area around the fort that last day. Then you shall father.

This scene brought to mind conversations I’ve had with my father who passed August 20, 2012.  With closed eyes, I meditate to chat with my precious father while at the same time typing the conversation.  He’s told me that he’s with his mother who died when he was only five and his father who lived till dad was 35.  Dad was the youngest of nine.  Plus a host of other siblings and relatives.

These conversations allowed me to chat with my grandmother Fidella Gray as well.  Here’s an excerpt from a book now forming entitled Life After Life with Dad.  Chapter title Sunday, September 02, 2012, 12 noon  is: Angels among us!

V: So, what have you done since last we spoke?

Dad: I’ve sort of hung around with my father and mother, Debbie and oh Tessie and all my siblings are here too. It’s like the family reunions we had back on earth.

V: Do they sing songs there? Remember you stated your brother Elzie, Evert and the girls sang in harmony here. Do they do that there?

Dad: Honey there’s such a peace here that allows all kinds of songs. But yes, my siblings and I too sing songs whenever we want. Oh honey my mom, Fidella is here right now do you want to talk to her?

V: Oh my goodness, yes. Hi Grandmother. I’ve heard so much about you from dad. I want to know so much more.

F: Hello my granddaughter. I will call you Vickie okay?

V: Sure. I wish I’d met you at least once.

F: But you have. I’ve been there often when you needed help. (This is choking me up.)

V: Like what times?

F: When you and Debbie were in your car, when the brakes failed you. Remember?

V: Oh yes. I felt an Angel grab the steering wheel at the precise moment and turned it into a huge pile of rocks so Debbie and I didn’t go off the embankment. Was that you?

F: Yes, dear it was. You had so much more to do in that life. That was the only place available that I saw wouldn’t hurt the two of you and allow you to walk home to your dad.

V: Yes, I recall. When I told dad the steering wheel was jerked from my hands, he immediately said it had to be the Angels watching out for my babies. And so it was you?

F: Yes, and when you were shocked before that while doing dishes at age 14. Your hands wet with water, you turned the metal upright floor fan to move the air straight on to you as it was a very hot August day. Plus you placed your right hand on a metal drawer handle to place silverware in the drawer. I was there. Your mother came running from the bathtub with only a towel to cover her and tripped on the fan cord, which stopped the current from shocking you.

V: Oh my. I had no idea an Angel was involved. You now I yelled at the top of my lungs for someone to help me and yet in the yelling I felt I was whispering like a very soft crying out. However the neighbor lady heard my yelling and her house is at least one hundred yards or more away from our kitchen.

F: I hurried your mother to quickly dry off and run into the cord thus causing it to unplug. Both of you could have been shocked had the cord not unplugged.

V: Oh yes, I’ve gone over that endless times since. How miraculous it was for that to happen. But you know what grandmother?

F: What dear?

V: Ever since that moment in time, I’ve felt a connection to something beyond the earthly realm. But I held back when I thought someone was about to say something that I already knew what they were to say, I held back from stating it and they blurted out what I thought. To me it was the beginning of noting my intuitive side.

F: Yes, dear often it’s a trauma like that which enables the ability to intuit.

V: Were you the angel that came when I fell on the ice about ten years ago?

F: No, honey that was your grandfather. I was tending to something else here.

V: Grandfather?

F: Yes, it was your grandfather Theodore.

V: Is he there for me to ask a question?

F: Yes, dear.

T: Hello. It’s been a long time since we met. You were only seven when I left that life. Yes, it was me that came to you that day when you fell during ice skating.

V:   Grandfather, I’m so pleased to know this. When I fell, immediately a man in a tan suede leather jacket and jeans came over to me. Immediately, and I mean immediately he reached with his right hand from my left side to the back of my head and said No she’s not bleeding. His hand felt like an Angel and a doctor at the same time. Really it did. I felt like I was healed all at one moment. That fall was so loud that all stopped skating. Another man came to my right, a young man, asking me if he could help me off the ice. I stayed a bit as others quickly surrounded me. But that one man to my left disappeared when all those people came to my aide. Of course my daughter came over to help me. That fall was odd in that when I fell, I fell onto my rear but also my head fell back and hit the ice with a crack. I thought I split my head open. And yet nothing, no headache just stunned. When I stood with the help of the young man and Ashley I looked around for the man in the tan leather jacket, but couldn’t see him. I told my daughter please find that man. I need to thank him. He was an Angel I felt and here it was my grandfather.

T: Yes, dear you looked at every person as they left the rink. But I knew there was no need to stay. You were okay.

V: But I was sitting at the only door where people left and I watched the restroom doors too. No one fit that description. It was odd because I knew that man helped me. I even went back into the rink area and all were off the ice when the session ended. I asked the people working was there another way out and I was told  there wasn’t  only the door I was sitting near with ice on my head.

I knew then and there it wasn’t my imagination, but an Angel that came to my rescue. And all along it was my precious grandfather Theodore.

T: I was glad to help. You have much more to accomplish in this earthly life.

V: Like what?

T: Like the book you’re writing right now.

V: Is it to be a book. Really?

You see why this movie brought back memories of my father and the many telepathic conversations I’ve had with him and relatives too.

Metaphysics is defined in various ways of which this one fits my definition of it.

noun: metaphysics
  1. the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

I love so many things about this life!  Especially since I left the strict confines of a religious upbringing to a mind full of wonder, eager to grasp all that’s available while here.

I’ll keep paying attention to what is beyond tomorrow.  Will you?

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015