Estate Sales are Easy, however……

I grew up in a peaceful organized household, thus setting up an estate sale with all the organizing that’s needed, comes easily for me.

However, when I handle hoarders sales, it’s a bit tricky.  In that, each hoarder has their own way of hoarding.  Some just add piles and piles all over the home of things they like or purchase items because it’s on sale.  Others seek out special toys, coins etc that may be of value in their later years.  It’s extremely relative to whomever is hoarding.

Last year I handled a huge sale in the city.  The owners, now in their eighties, needing medical assistance finally moved into an assisted living establishment.  My sale took place over one weekend, as usual.  On Sunday’s sale date, the owner called me sixteen-times to inform me of what they didn’t want sold!  Mind you, we set aside many items throughout our setup for family to pick up and take to them.  Each call the owner very politely said Victoria this is….honey, please don’t sell the planters out back.  Please don’t sell the metal chairs out back. Please don’t sell the tea cups, the broken chair out back – we just love it!  (Note each item called about was broken, rusted or just no use to anyone any longer nor were they able to repair it at this juncture in their life).  I don’t recall each request, however the requests were always for something that no longer could serve them or anyone else.

Another sale housed tons and tons of salable items, however the owner needed to sell the home and told me to give it away and that she didn’t care what it brought.  However, I had to pay my help and make an income. The fact that she told me to give it away helped me considerably!  This comment allowed me to set up the thousands upon thousands of items without taking hours and hours to price it after set up, which she agreed to.  This enabled me to purge all items via verbal pricing each sale day.


Before setup of the family room

Customers love these types of sales, as do I.  Thus, this sale became a bag and pile-it-up sale.  Goodness, the customers flowed in, happy to rummage through the now organized lot.  Each one carried up an armload of items from the basement, which pleased me and the homeowner.  Meaning she wouldn’t have to hire workers to do what these paying customers were doing, ridding her very full home of all she and her partner bought and carried in over the years.


After set up-floors are visible!

She was very pleased.  Of course, these type of sales don’t always bring in big bucks, however handling sales like these, are a blessing to each client that needs all items out to sell their home swiftly and move to a smaller place.

Another hoarders estate housed so many items in it’s over 5000 square foot home that it certainly was overwhelming!  When I’m commissioned to handle these types of sales, I pause, take it in, then begin silently figuring out how to set it up.  How many sales will it take?  This one housed many many toys in original packaging.  From experience, I knew I’d have to take two weeks to set it up, research and sell only the toys on one or two weekends, then sell the remainder contents, one of the following weekends.  They wholeheartedly agreed as they were perplexed as to how to get rid of everything.  This turned out to be the best sale I had that year!

I make Estate Sales Easy for those that scale down and for those that have lost a loved one.

estate-sales-made-easy-new-cover-hay-house-nailed-it-1-4-2017My book, Estate Sales Made Easy, is now on Amazon for pre-purchasing at: Estate Sales Made Easy

The hard copy comes out late summer 2017!  I’m so excited!  It’s published by the same publisher that publishes Chicken Soup for the SoulHay House publishing.  With an eBook coming out first!  Some time in the mix a live Webinar and a Radio show coming, dates/times to be announced.

Check it out!  Not only is this a how-to begin a business guide like mine, but it includes stories of energies I see, feel and often times hear within each estate.  Note the sparkle within the letter A denoting something more…..

Watch for more books on this subject, which also includes the stories each house offers up….

Victoria Gray



The Eyes say it all!

A few weeks ago I moved back to my beautiful 8-year old home.  After testing out a condo and living with my youngest daughter (who by-the-way is to have my first grandchild!  I’m sooo pleased!) I decided to return to it.  We’ve tried to sell it, but the Universal energies knows `the when’ that will take place.

For now, I’m here!

Thus on January 14th, I decided after 3-weeks of sleeping on a small cot, I had enough of back aches!  I’d researched new mattress sets and went to The Bed Store once again where I’d purchased my previous well-liked set.

They had a special on the one I liked and I ordered it!  I expected them to deliver it the following week, however the powers-that-be knew better!  They delivered it the following day!

Ok, so why the title The Eyes say it all?  Well, while I sat at the counter for the final paperwork, I noted a 4-part picture of children.  The only person there was a man named Tim who sold me the set and stated that he’s been working alone for a while due to few good workers.

I asked if he had four children and added, I see the top two pictures are of the same girl but I feel you have four children.  He paused from the paperwork, looked up with a puzzled stare.  Well….Yes, I would have four live children….but my daughter Grace died last year at the age of nine from cancer.

I almost wished I hadn’t asked as I could tell it was hard for him to talk about it.  But I felt the girl’s eyes told me to.  It’s weird, but true.

He said its just been recently that he can talk about it and feels its good to do so.

The odd thing he thought was why did I ask if he had four children when clearly the pictures were of only three.

I said I just felt it from her eyes.

He then pulled out a photo of a baby boy four months old.  That boys eyes told me and I said this out loud, Oh, he will speak early!

Tim looked at me amazed and said, yes at two months he said momma.

I knew it!  That little boys eyes were so vivid I felt he came in to replace the sadness of his sisters passing.  Nothing ever replaces the loss of a child, but a new baby certainly keeps the mind full of other thoughts, thus in a way, aides with the parents loss.

I told Tim to pay attention to what he says because all the things I’ve read and learned about spirituality has taught me that the young ones are closest to where they just came from and can enlighten an observant parent.

I wish I’d known of this option when my babies were little.  I would have written down everything the little ones said from day to day.  Yes, I’ve written many things down as they grew but I didn’t have the knowledge of something more.

A few weeks back a new male acquaintance showed me a picture of his white 120-lb dog.  It’s eyes too spoke to me!  I knew my father’s eyes were talking to me through this dog.  Uncanny, yes, but I knew dad was coming back soon to the family.  Then I learned my girl was pregnant with a boy and is to name him Victor, my fathers name.  She and all my four babies were close to their papa!  Hmm this will be interesting!

I will pay attention!


When my father left his earthly life on August 20, 2012, I began chatting with him through meditative thought transference, typing questions to him and answers from him that transpired.  This information has turned into a book entitled Life After Life with Dad- soon to be published.  Here is an excerpt from it:

Dad: You see, honey there’s throngs of people already here. It’s amazing! I’ve seen my loved ones in this spirit life. They tell me I’m to encourage other spirits to enlist, yes enlist to go to earth as a physical being to see what that’s like. But you know honey; many don’t want to experience that.

Me: Really, why not?

Dad: It’s like this and I’m new at this so bare with me. You see it’s so wonderful here, so peaceful and on earth I had to work like the dickens to feed my family. But here there’s no physical food, just a peace and serenity that surrounds us. We take in a euphoric type of food that sustains and maintains the spirit. Physical people like you and my other babies have to have physical food to sustain life; here we just take it all in.

V: Oh, so many don’t want to become a physical being because it’s a great deal of work?

D: Exactly!

Me: Where’s here?

Dad: Honey, it’s just a different space. There’s no up here and down there. It’s just a being place. Yes, that’s it. A being place of knowledge. The energy is the knowledge that we all have but on earth are blocked because of all the vast array of people’s energies pulling each of us in many directions. Like the great masters throughout time. Those men and women are those that saw beyond what all or the masses see while on earth. They saw a different thought process, which enabled them to speak to the masses either on a platform like Patrick Henry or in a book of verse. No one person on earth that spoke on these platforms saw things as the masses did and do. They spoke to help the masses see beyond what is on earth. Earth is just a place to learn for the afterlife. It’s just an experience that spirits chose to enlist for. There’s a saying on earth that those enlightened ones say, we are not earthly beings having a spiritual experience but spirit beings having an earthly experience.

Me: I see, so those here on earth that seem to have some special knowledge and share with us, these ones I guess have carried over perhaps thoughts from the spirit life? Is that it?

Dad: Well, sort of. Few adults recall anything from here. But little ones always do, however they can’t speak it until they’ve been almost indoctrinated by their parents who were indoctrinated by their parents. These parents, all well and good try to teach the children what they know and what they were taught. Do you see why so many live their lives in one religion because that’s what they were taught?

Me: Yes, I see.

Dad: If only they would open their minds to hear just hear what others say, they would have a much better existence on earth.


Clearly there’s much more, but dad mentioned little ones, which I thought pertinent to this blog.

We must pay attention to what our little ones say when they first begin to chatter.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015

Victoria age 10 months oval pic 1-22-16

Are they Orbs or merely reflective circles?

I entered a plain 2-story red-brick building dubbed a church by it’s pastor of forty years and felt the calm that ensued inside.  While he showed me each floor including the basement I felt a calm feeling knowing that many stories were held within these walls.  Especially upon viewing the small 6′ X 8′ cement baptismal pool that stepped perhaps four feet underground.  It was painted a sea blue.

I envisioned many walking down the few steps into the pool of water, nervous perhaps but happy that they decided it was time for their baptism representing their closeness to their god.

I’d been invited to handle an estate sale of the pews, clergy chairs, bibles, baby grand piano, drums, mics etc.  As I walked about the first floor, I envisioned the choir  that rocked the walls with their spiritual songs, clapping, stomping their feet and vast smiles abounding.  The photo below shows orbs where these hallowed walls once rocked with songs of praise.

After viewing my photos, I decided to ask the pastor if some in the choir had since passed.  ‘Oh, yes, we’ve had many come and go.’  I didn’t ask names since I wasn’t there for an interviOLIVE STREET ORBS ABOVE THE CHOIR AND PIANOew.  I just nodded in sync with my thoughts and feelings.

I wanted to know what others thought about Orbs online and did a bit of research.  Thus I’ve added information from two of the many sites that interested me.

Wikepedia states many claim an orb in a photo is merely a flash from a near-camera reflection.

Then on a site entitled Loveto know.ghost/colors they state this about – White or Silver Orbs: Spiritually, white or silver is associated with spirituality and connection with a higher source. Some investigators believe orbs that are either white or silver in appearance are an indication that a spirit is trapped on this plane. It may also be a sign that the spirit is there to offer protection to the people in the area. White energy is typically perceived as highly positive in nature.

Blue Orbs: Blue is spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth. It is a very calming color, and many people associate it with spiritual guidance. Some people feel blue orbs are are sign of a calming presence or energy, while others feel they indicate the presence of a spirit guide in that location.

As you can see, my pictures have white and blue orbs.  I for one have come to believe that there is some sort of spiritual energy when my camera picks up an orb.  This photo TONS OF ORBS IN SECOND FLOOR WHERE TRANSIENTS STAYEDwas taken without a flash midday.  There were no shinny objects nearby for my camera to reflect off of, especially with no flash used.

The photo below was taken just a few minutes after.  MANY ORBS ON SECOND FLOOR ABOVE WORKERSThere was no glare from the window plus there were wood items causing no reflection as well.  Many orbs abounded in both of these photos.

November, 2015 my crew and I were on the second floor of a St. Louis city church.  A church started by a kind gentle man, now near eighty, who forty years prior had a dream to help others.  Thus he began this church.  In the late 1990’s, for five years he opened this second floor for homeless men.  He gathered fourteen twin sized beds of which twelve were always full.  Here he housed, fed and encouraged all to obtain jobs and attend meetings that could and would help some to full recovery.

When I saw these orbs, I asked him too, if any that he sheltered died during those years.  Sadly, he said “yes, I couldn’t help them all.”

I knew from these pictures that these orbs, to me, symbolized those that passed and held a connection to this once safe haven.  I also felt that they watched over all that entered this special meeting place on the floor below where many church pews, bibles  used to reside and a host of members that attended the services.  I felt these entities might possibly wonder where they should go next since the church is now closed.  I wanted to take time to tell them to go into the light or at least to release their connection to this place as it would be torn down next year.  But in my haste to handle the estate sale, I failed to take time to help them move on.

So instead of feeling poorly about not helping them move on, I decided to take with me the feeling that all is well.  To me they are a spiritual light and carry with them the kindness’s that this kind gentle man bestowed upon them while there.

I love estate sales for many reasons, but the best of the best is when I see a presence and in this case the orbs in the photos that encouraged me to ask more questions of what took place in this humble church.

I think and feel I have a duty to pay attention to my feelings and in this case the orbed photos.  By so doing, I may help some move into the transition of letting go of the physical gaining stories along the way.  Just like I do via estate sales, for those left behind when a relative or friend passes from their physical existence.

Victoria name for blog posts 11-1-2015


The Arena & a St Louis Avenue estate

One hot summer day in 1991 I rode with my auctioneer in an old red beat up pickup truck to a home also in the same condition.  We’d won a bid via probate court to clean out any and all items that were salable and many were.  Since I knew in advance that the house had roaches, I opted to wear knee hi boots, a long sleeve blouse, jeans tucked into the boots and rubber gloves.  Heaven forbid, a baby roach would touch me!  Thankfully, I escaped undefiled!

The small white bacon grease smelling, disheveled, shingled 1930’s style house clearly stated, no almost screamed of a sadness that roamed about.  I recall feeling and envisioning a story-like sadness, where perhaps the mother cleaned nearby office buildings or took in laundry too tired to clean her home properly, when finally home from a hard days work.  Her hair possibly washed once per week, piled upon her head in a bun while wearing a dingy white rag like scarf dirty from each weeks work.  The father perhaps walked to and worked down the way at the carriage factory, on the other side of the hi-way, just making it by week after week.  Late in life the mother gave birth to a baby girl, the only child they had.  Sadly the baby girl, I was told, was a slow sort mentally, but ever so kind as were the parents.


The Arena – Post Dispatch archives

This daughter, when in her teens begged friends and her parents to chauffeur her via the local bus to the Arena (built in 1929-closed in 1994) when boxing stars and or country western siJack Dempsey memorbilia 1991 001nger’s came into town.  There, I was told she’d lean up against the stage, beg for signatures, like many, to be placed on the free pictures given to all as they entered the Arena.  She apparently went often gathering quite a mound of signed pictures, of which I kept.  Here’s a signed postcard by Jack Dempsey 1957 and a pair of advertising size boxing gloves he signed…..pretty cool!

The auctioneer had no problem digging in the mounds of smelly householdShirley Temple creamer from the St Louis AVe house 1991 items.  One of the finds were many cobalt blue small pitchers advertising Shirley Temple, the sweet singer/tap dancer that I and the masses fell in love with.  And watched on the silver screen and or TV during my years.

As the auctioneer pulled items out, I’d wash them at the large white porcelain sink, making darn sure I never touched the sink with my body.  No, no roaches bothered the sink, but many scurried away as we walked about and he searched.  Each time I washed an item, I carried it to the truck to pack it for our future sale.

You might wonder why I’d take on such a horrific job.  Well, I had and have four children and by golly I’d do whatever it took to take care of my babies even if once in a while the estate was a falling down, smelly old place filled with valuable vintage items.  Yep, I’d do it and did, proudly so!

I never know what treasures and stories await me when commissioned with each estate sale.  Two weeks from now I’m handling a St. Louis city 2-story red bricked church.  What will I unfold then?

Victoria Signature 9-17-15