Estate Sale Stories

It’s such a testament of the joint efforts with my crew, to see many – many customers stand in line hours before we open! The above sale Jan, 2015 had almost 100 people in line!  Just fabulous!


When I first began my auction business in Jan 1990, I had no idea that when I’d walk into a home to sell the contents that I’d have various inner feelings about the estate.
The first year buying and selling my stomach gave me fits!  The first estate I and my auctioneer walked into was hosted by the Probate commissioner.  Upon entering I felt an angst in the pit of my stomach!  I knew that the people that resided there were rarely if at all happy.  I felt too that we’d buy that estate.  My auctioneer asked what was wrong when he saw my face.  I merely said I have a feeling this is a very sad place and we’re to buy it today.
Really, how do you know?  he asked
I just have a feeling about it.  I can’t explain it, but the sadness makes my stomach sick.  No, not like I’m going to throw up but a feeling of extreme sadness.  And about having the highest bid, I just know we’ll get it.  The auctioneer shrugged his shoulders and walked about the house.
And we did buy it for the quoted amount I told the auctioneer!  I think it was something like $1500.