Early 1989 my second husband of almost four years left this life, leaving me with two more children Ashley and Blake, which added to my first two children, Rachel and Caleb.  Plus no life insurance!  Argh!  But I’m one of those women that pioneer new frontiers and that I did!

I attended many seminars on business building and real estate buying and the one that caught my interest was one concerning auctions.  Immediately, I purchased all the information and readily read it when the patter of little feet were off in dreamland.

Soon, I hired an auctioneer and began my new auction business!  Not sure where to begin I contacted the local probate court system and a host of real estate agents.  The main probate gentleman stated I could visit homes when they had them that were full of contents and bid along with others for the contents, which I did. And the real estate agents, I informed them that when they had a full house of contents to clean out before they’d place the home on the market, they could utilize my services, which thankfully they did and do so and often!

Then I had to sell the items, which is where the auctioneer came in.  I knew him from a group I was a member of and the new business began!  With his help and another worker we bought, packed, moved and sold all the items.  Taking the miscellaneous items to what I call junk auctions.  Much to my amazement the items flew off the tables and the money landed into my pockets.  Soon we were hired on with the local post office reclamation center to handle their items and again the money began to flow!  I also, placed Ads in the local paper, which brought in a host of families in need of the contents of their homes and or relatives homes to sell.  I’d say over the past ten-years I never place Ads in the local paper unless a family feels it’s necessary.  All sales now come from word-of-mouth and an online sites called estatesales.net, LinkedIn and Craigslist!  Pretty cool!

In the beginning, I began to attend other auctions sitting in the audience noting every items name and the price it sold for.  This was my home schooling technique, if you will.  I learned so much that I then began to share it with the auctioneer so that when we had our own auctions, which we did once per month, he’d know what to call the item and the price range that we should expect.

We purchased and sold up to 100 sales per year during the latter years and began a high-end auction the third Tuesday of every month, which was during the last five-years of the ten-year auction biz, allowing customers to consign items as well.  This too, flourished!

By the tenth year I decided to go it alone and let the auctioneer go due to conflict of interest.  I handled many estate sales during that ten-year stretch and decided to handle estate sales in the homes from that point forward, thus eliminating the need of an auctioneer and the need to pack, move, reset up etc. etc.

The birth of Estate Sales by Victoria technically began in 2000, including a vast array of foundation knowledge gained since 1990 and now a host of followers to boot!

I had no idea in my early twenties that I’d begin such a helpful business to so many!  I love it!

I’ve had so many opportunities to help families that are and were floundering as to what-to-do with their relatives items.

Enter Victoria!

I ease each families worries with my organizational and appraisal skills.

So often when a sale is over and all items are cleaned out, I see such peace in the families faces.  New relieved smiles inhabit their once perplexed faces.

I just love that look!