A Widows Vision

I chose this title using the word Vision because to me it is the invisible visualization of the Universe. Not a literal vision, but a knowing vision from within.

`The Secret of a Widows Vision’, is an awake dream, given to all.

If asked, the Universe will provide, but one must pay heed to what is given.

I feel my children are among those with this higher awareness. They are able to see, feel, and know what other children never even look at or see.

They have a knowing, a perception that has been visible to me, more so since I had my awakening on November 3rd, 1995, which caused me to begin my writing career with a novella entitled Victoria Zane.fancy line break 9-22-15 copyHere’s one of the chapter’s of how thoughts become things!  It works every single time without exception!

The Power of Thought – The Mercedes Factor

During the summer of 1995, when I went to reupholster a leather sofa cushion, previously shredded by a very large Great Dane, I was greeted by this Great Dane with a vengeance! He ran through the very large dog door, barked and barked as he ran through it. (I’ve always been afraid of dogs.) I screamed so vehemently when he jumped out the door, that my throat hurt for three days thereafter. At which time he backed me up against the outside brick wall and sunk his very sharp teeth into my protective extended right arm, just below my elbow.

His master, an older man whom I met via my now X-business partner, came hobbling out behind him, saw what he did, kicked him and threw him into his large old Cadillac. I tried not to cry, but blood was dripping all over and my arm ached like I’ve never felt before.  I learned later that he’d bitten into a tendon.

The man grabbed my arm placing a dirty thumb over the wound and invited me into his home pulling me quickly to the kitchen sink and ran cold water over it. He then went for Iodine, which I said; no I won’t have that pain too! I was holding back a ton of tears. I asked if he had Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the wound and he did. He scurried about finding it and included cotton from an old medicine bottle plus a piece of white freezer paper and a strip of electricians tape to hold it on.

He apologized profusely for his dog and for the fact that he didn’t have a band-aid in the house.

All I could think about was leaving and driving to my partners home two miles away for assistance to the local hospital.

Within fifteen minutes or so, I was seated in my car; yet my arm was in excruciating pain, which disabled me from turning on the car or even changing the gear with my right hand. Thus the old man standing outside my car, my window down, I told him my dilemma and he opened the driver’s side door, reached over me to start the car and to change the gear. He was so sad this happened.

I drove the two miles to my now X-partners home without crying holding all my angst inside, all the while praying for me to arrive safely as I had four children at home and had just lost my husband the year before. I had to be careful not to have an accident on top of this. I managed to keep it together till I reached my X-partners house where he was working on a truck and trailer I owned for my auction business. At which time I laid on the horn and he came running.

`Did he hurt you?’

`No, his dog bit my arm. Take me to the hospital.’ That’s when I fell apart with heaving uncontrollable sobs.

He said, `You’re white as a ghost. I thought he hurt you.’

Quickly he opened my door, put the car in park, turned off the engine and carried me into his house. Then he was in a tizzy of what to do.

He had a man outside working with him and had to send him home and then he drove me to the hospital. It took two hours to be seen and stitched up.

After this Sunday ordeal, I was sent home with a few stitches. I thought all was well and good. Much to my chagrin, the following day my forearm began to swell. I thought perhaps it was just from the wound and would subside, however by Tuesday it raised more. I called my doctors office but the rude receptionist would not let me talk to him nor could she fit me in to be seen. I was amazed at her rudeness. I called back on Wednesday and the same thing happened with the receptionist, all the while my forearm began to look like Popeye’s forearm (I’m not kidding). Finally, on Thursday I called again and this time I recalled a nurses name of Sylvia and asked for her not stating who I was. She was promptly placed on the phone at which time I told her the scenario. She was appalled with the receptionist, to say the least and immediately had the doctor speak to me. He made an appointment within the hour.

When the doctor viewed my arm he calmly said, I’d like you to go to the hospital. I asked when I should go? He said, now if at all possible. I asked what is wrong. He said we will determine that at the hospital. But you need to call someone to take you. I asked would I be there long. He replied maybe tonight or a few days.

At the hospital it was determined I had Cellulitis, a disease that could cause an extremity to be removed! What?

I was immediately placed in a room, for six days! I was intravenously fed 250,000 milligrams of penicillin; I believe it was that drug, but I am 150% certain they gave me that exorbitant amount of milligrams. It was a terrific amount every four hours. I knew without Acidophilus that I’d surely have a urinary infection along with this issue. I had my eldest daughter bring some to the hospital and took it as labeled, unbeknownst to the doctor or staff. I did not get the infection, thank goodness!

Thank goodness the arm responded well to the treatment. VICTORIA AND KIDS DOG BITE PIC 7-22-1993 ST ANTHONY'S HOSP

There’s more to this story, but I won’t burden you further, however it correlates with the purchase of the Mercedes Factor.

Here’s the connection. The dog bite happened July 18th, 1993. I went to several lawyers to obtain a law suit to have my hospital bills paid. However, sadly, in the state of Missouri, at that time, every dog is entitled, yes entitled to ONE FREE BITE! This is such a ludicrous law!

I went to five lawyers who had me write up the documentation of this dog bite all to tell me I wrote the story well and yet that every dog is entitled to a free bite.

Finally, a lady friend of mine told me of her lawyer and how he went above and beyond to help everyone within the confines of the law. Thus when I spoke with him, he seemed to know another way of treating this case and I hired him.

Not long before I was to purchase my new paid-in-full Mercedes in 2000, I received a check for $9000 from a final claim amount of $21,000. Court fees and of course, the lawyer got a big chunk. I didn’t fret, but was pleased to receive any amount. Quickly I paid off the hospital bill and used the remainder to pay towards the Mercedes!

Amazing!  Yes, but there’s more….

I had no idea a year and a half prior what the how would be, when I plunked down a mere $500 deposit and told the salesman that I would in fact pay cash for the car of my dreams.

I did indeed think and feel it would transpire!

Never ever would I have wanted to be bit, go through all that pain, loss of work etc to buy my car.  Nor would I have thought in 1998 that I’d buy another home to help a friend, sell it back to her at a tremendous profit and it too would help me pay cash for my car. Wow! How the Universal energies work is mind-blowing and awesome!

Thoughts do become things!

No doubt about it.

Things changed once again.

An X-business partner changed my life forever because of the split in 1999, which caused a lack of funds in 2001; I had to sell my 2000 paid-in-full SUV Mercedes ML250! Of course, I was sad but I had to pay bills and take care of my family. From the money I received for it, I paid cash of $10,000 for a Mitsubishi SUV and paid bills with the rest.

My thoughts were these: If I could obtain my dream vehicle once then I would obtain it again. I chose never to lose my dream. I did it with the help of the all-knowing Universe and I can do it again.

Summer of 1998

I walked into the Mercedes dealership after researching which vehicle I wanted, ordered an ML320 and put down a mere $500 telling the salesman I didn’t want it until January 2000. Why did I want to wait that long? I told the salesman if I couldn’t pay cash by then, then the car was not supposed to be mine. He stated the car would be ready in six month, but I chose to hold off till mid 1999 to actually say go ahead and make it.

I still didn’t have the money, but I knew it was coming and from where I knew not.

I’d purchased several houses within a few years prior to my Mercedes purchase. One of the homes I purchased was not an intended purchase, however a dear friend needed help to save it from foreclosure and I happened to work a deal out with my bank to purchase it.

I then wrote a contract with her to rent it to her for two years so that she could regroup and buy it back at the end of the two years. I knew she had a great job and she so wanted to continue raising her teen kids there. She’d just gone through a divorce and I knew what that was like, thus the empathy to help her.

The housing market was booming back then in late 1997. Her house was worth $245,000. All she needed was $170,000 to save it. When I obtained the loan I borrowed an extra $10,000 that I kept for my future Benz purchase. She agreed to a rental agreement for two years paying $1600 per month, which covered the payment and a hundred dollar cushion as well. In the agreement the new purchase price was set at $215,000, which would allow me a profit and she a great deal of equity still. Plus I knew that in two years it would be worth more than the current market price. As it turned out, when I sold it back to her in late 1999, it was then worth $270,000. She and I both got a great deal! I profited by $35,000 almost all I needed for my Benz.

The previous $10,000 in 1997 soon dwindled within the perimeters of raising four teens as well.

I became a widow at the age of thirty-six with a husband who had no life insurance. Thus all the income that arrived, came to me because I put myself out there and asked for what I wanted. I know it’s provided by the powers that be, known in some circles as God, the Universal energies or just plain thinking out-of-the-box to let all in.

Also, something else transpired years before, that enabled me to have all the money I needed by January 2000 and then some.

December 27, 2001

The house that thought built, I live in.

The Mercedes that thought built, I owned.

Thought is the seed that the subconscious waters.

Which flows into the conscious – therefore thoughts turn into things.

Thoughts become things…..just ask!

I  felt I would have another Mercedes SUV, how? I knew not, but just a few weeks ago my daughter Rachel and I saw a movie, after which she drove us to the store. While she drove towards the stop light, I’d been telling her I felt I would have another Mercedes SUV and within moments we stopped directly behind a Mercedes SUV. I exclaimed – look what’s in front of us! With that acknowledgement another Mercedes SUV rolled up to the left of us. What a confirmation!   Two Mercedes SUV’s right in front of us. What are the odds of me speaking of Mercedes SUV’s and the Universe showing these to me?

Think about it, if I had to plan that out. I’d have to find two owners of Mercedes SUV’s and ask them to stop at that stop light at precisely the same time we were to stop. But not only stop there but to stop in front of us just as I was stating to my daughter that I felt I was to own another Mercedes SUV! Really? Think about this too, the Universal energies not only confirmed my thoughts with one SUV but with two, no less!

August 20, 2003

I wrote this in my journal: I keep feeling, seeing, a knowing, a thought that I will buy another Mercedes, SUV, white or black. Something from within began nudging me to drive to the Mercedes dealership because there’s another one waiting for me. What? How?

I caught myself, don’t ask how just go look at what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye. I literally saw, in my mind’s eye, a white and a black ML250 Mercedes. I recall it was a Tuesday afternoon, September 10th, 2003 while at work when this hit me. I then called the dealership to verify that Tuesdays was still their late evening. It was. I closed up my antique store half an hour early and drove to the pre-owned Mercedes section of the dealership, in my used Mitsubishi.

I saw only four ML250’s on the pre-owned lot, one white and three black. Amazed that there were only white and black ML250 Mercedes as I saw in my vision this very day at work!

I walked around each one noting one only had 12,500 miles and it was a 1999! The prices weren’t on the cars like the new ones; therefore I went inside to find out the prices. Mind you I wasn’t making the same money I’d been making and wondered what the heck I was doing there. I was told the price, which was the price of a new less expensive US car. It had only one owner and had been in probate for a year and a half, which meant it hadn’t been driven at all during that time or at least very little. Therefore, to me it was like new!

I asked what I could get for the Mitsubishi, which I’d now driven for three years. I was told $7000, which was great! Okay, that meant my payment would be X amount. I wasn’t really sure how I’d pay for it, but I took the deal. My credit was good thus I drove it off the lot.

I listened to my guides and believed in the powers that be!

I hadn’t had a car payment in 13-years, which is a terrific feeling, however now I had one. Within a few short months I refinanced my home and paid off the remaining amount. Remember, I didn’t know the `how’ but followed what my guides, the Universe, my intuition was nudging me to do. And viola! I had my dream car once again…and it was paid off in four months!

How’s that for the Universe taking care of the how. I had this vehicle till 2010.

Again, I needed a vehicle. But this time I went for a VW SUV, a Tiguan – cute but a smaller SUV. I drove a lot back then, putting thirty-thousand plus on it in eighteen months and then opted for yet another larger new car. I purchased a 2011 Kia Sorrento and again put lots of miles on it.

All the time thinking about that 2010 Mercedes GLK that came out the year before. Even though I wanted another Benz, I had several pressing things that needed updating in my home and had to take care of that first.

The Universe swiftly gifted me with 44 estate sales in 2013, which more than paid for the updating I wanted to do and allowed me to help my four children if they needed help and they did. Plus it afforded me a small nest egg.

Beginning in the fall of 2013 I perused the online Ads for Mercedes GLK’s but I felt I wasn’t quite ready to purchase one just yet. I just had a knowing.

Then my youngest son Blake happened to look for vehicles for him on a particular website that caught my eye. Thus I began perusing it for a GLK.

Well you guessed it!

May 26, 2014

The night before an estate sale appointment (the business I own), I viewed several Mercedes Benz’s online finding a Cherry Apple red 2010 GLK 350. Just what I wanted! Not too expensive and in perfect shape, so I’d have to see it soon. Thus on the following day May 27th, I viewed an estate in Chesterfield, MO after which I drove to Frontenac to view this vehicle. I loved it! I told my youngest daughter that I wanted it. She told me to buy it but for $4000 less than the offered price. Well of course I will or it’s not for me.

Believe it or not, by May 29th the online information showed they lowered it by $2000! Now I was really interested. But I kept feeling I should get it for the lower $4000 price or not at all. I told this daughter that the vehicle was mine. I just felt it. She responded with, well of course it’s yours!

I kind of put it on the back burner for a few days and then on June 3rd, reviewed the online Ad once again. Oh my goodness! They lowered the vehicle down $3800! Yep, that’s my car!

By June 4th, believe it or not, the salesmen lowered that car another $1800! Below the intended $4000 my daughter and I agreed was a great price. The dealership had it on their lot just over 60 days, which they don’t like to keep a pre-owned car over 70 days. I called the salesman to tell him I’d be in the following day to test drive it. I did not say I’d buy it though.

Immediately after speaking with my daughter Ashley who told me to call the Credit Union to see what percentage rate etc. I could get and I called them. I had a very nice down payment and the manager told me my credit was great and you got the loan!

The next day after my test drive, I waltzed into the dealership and closed the deal! And at the price I wanted! Wow! That was a short turnaround time.

This is the third Mercedes I’ve been privileged to own.

I’ve taught my four children to think positively and I have to say most do this same thing regularly. Oh sure we all experience curves in our life’s-journey-road, but steady as she goes and things turn around…..with the right thinking.

How’s that, for thoughts become things?

Thoughts become things…..just ask!




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